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Remote Desktop Connection Manager for Windows 2.7.1406.0
Feb 05, 2016
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Windows XP,Windows 2003,Windows 8,Windows 98,Windows Vista,Windows 10,Windows 2000,Windows 7

Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager for Windows

In this modern era, every one of us knows how difficult it is to optimize all your remote connections and hundreds of passwords. Earlier Sysadmins and IT experts used a lot of spreadsheets and other documents to keep a record of everything. It was not safe to use. So, you can try one of the top-rated management platforms for IT teams. To do so, you can download a remote desktop connection manager for free on Windows 10. 

This software helps you to get rid of managing hundreds of passwords at a time. It allows you to select your own password managers like LastPass, KeyPass, 1Password, Secret Server, Passwordstate, and many more. 

What’s New in the Version of Remote Desktop Connection Manager

To learn about some of the major changelogs, you need to download the latest version of the remote desktop connection manager for Windows 10:

  • You can add a filter to the playlist entry.
  • Turn off DPAPI by default.
  • Enable DVLs PAM self-checkout settings.
  • Hub personal backup support.
  • PAM category to session entries.
  • Schedule support for Dvls for Active Directory and VMWare synchronizers.

Editor’s Review

If you want to maintain server labs where you require regular access on every machine including data centers and automated check-in systems, then you need to download a remote desktop connection manager on Windows 10. Here servers are managed with named groups. It allows you to enable or disable the connection with all the servers in a single command. With the help of a remote desktop connection manager, you might view all the servers in a group and arrange it as showing live-action, thumbnails in each session. Therefore, while changing the password in your lab account, you need to change it only at one place i.e. remote desktop connection manager.

Features and Highlights

To know more about remote desktop connection manager, you need to f=go through the features listed below:

Remote Connection Management

If you want to manage, securely centralize, and evoke all your remote connections with a single click, then you can download remote desktop connection management for Windows 10.

Password Management

It helps you to protect all the password credentials in either a secure and centralized vault or implement existing password managers like LastPass, KeyPass, and many more.

Access Important Assets Safely

This tool allows you to guard your connections against different security attacks and insider threats using access protection control.

IT Team Solution

With the help of a remote desktop connection manager, you can easily share passwords among the team and user administration as well. 

Ease of Management

It allows you to adjust permissions and accounts. Along with this, you can add templates to make it easier while managing.

Audits and Reports

This software helps you to conduct audits and create customized reports as per the defined criteria.

Pros of this software

Some of the perks of the remote desktop connection management tool are given below:

  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • You can take a cloud backup of the config.
  • Easily reconnects with disconnected Virtual Machines.
  • Free to use.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • It helps you to perform multiple connections at the same time.
  • This tool allows you to connect with PAM.
  • Transfers files without any difficulty

Cons of this software

A few of the drawbacks of the remote desktop connection tool are mentioned below:

  • Initial load-up takes a very little amount of time.
  • Need to close the password screen before using RDM again.
  • Database connection takes a lot of time while loading a lot of files or documents.
  • It keeps disconnecting automatically from a session.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q1. Is Remote Desktop Connection Manager free to use?

Yes, the remote desktop connection manager is free. If you want to get the license of the product, then you need to purchase them.

Q2. How to use remote desktop connection manager for Windows 10?

To know how to use remote desktop connection for Windows 10, you need to go through the steps listed below:

  • Press Win + S keys together to launch Settings from the search bar.
  • Choose System under the Settings section.
  • Now click on Remote Desktop.
  • Turn on Remote Desktop to use it.

Q3. Is Remote Desktop Manager secure?

Yes, the remote desktop manager software is completely secure. As its security is calculated on the basis of two-factor authentication using Duo or Google Authenticator.

Q4. How do I install Remote desktop Services Manager Windows 10?

The following steps help you to install the tool with ease:

  • Press Win + R at the same time, to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Write mmc in the Run dialog box and hit Enter.
  • Now choose Add/ Remove Snap-in from the file menu.
  • Now choose Remote Desktop Service Manager and then select add from available Snap-ins.
  • Choose one of the local computers or another computer from the Select Computer dialog box. In case you opted for Another Computer, you can either use Browse to search for the computer or write in the name of the computer.
  • Select the Ok button.
  • Now choose Ok in the Add or Remove Snap-ins.

Q5. What can I use instead of Remote Desktop Connection Manager?

The following are the best alternatives of Remote Desktop Connection:


If you wish to get a secure connection, then you need to download Remote desktop connection manager software. Along with this, it helps you to resolve password remembering issues by using a single password on multiple connections. To know more about this tool, you need to check the aforementioned features and functionalities.


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