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Auto Key Presser 0.0.7
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Nov 13, 2015
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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Free Download Auto Key Presser (Latest 2022) to Automate the Keys Combination

Auto Key Presser is known to be a small automation tool that can press a particular key combination or key automatically and continuously. This free key presser tool allows you to record your preferred keystrokes accurately afterward. Due to this latest update, the Automatic Key Presser reviews have improved greatly. You can also choose to download Auto Keyboard Presser and see how it works for you.

What’s new in Auto Key Presser?

In the latest version of Auto Key Presser, a lot of much-needed changes are made to Auto Key Presser. They are mentioned below:

  • Runs in the background
  • User can control time between every key press
  • No further hinderance

In the previous version, there were quite a few bugs and issues that affected the performance of the application as well as the system. But now, all of those bugs and issues are completely eliminated from this new Auto Keyboard Presser. Resulting in enhanced quality and performance. Last but not the least, security measures are present that keep the application away from any sort of malware.

Editor’s Review:

Auto Key Presser is a utility tool that manages to simulate the pressing of keys on your keyboard as many times as needed automatically. This virtual keyboard successfully controls the keys on your keyboard. Once you set all the parameters in the app, you won’t need to press a key or key combination yourself every time you use it. One of the best things about this software is that it does not need any installation on your host system. Once you have finished installing it on your system, you can immediately proceed with launching the executable.

Furthermore, the program that automatically presses keys is extremely handy and efficient. Auto Keyboard Presser is a very convenient application to have. It has minimal requirements and does the job just in the right way. Also, its file can be easily extracted and executed whenever you wish it to be. 

Features and Highlights:

The following are the top-notch benefits that Auto Key Presser provides:


The application merely uses any of the system resources and still manages to get the job done in the best way. Auto Button Presser will not occupy much space on your PC. Ultimately, it will provide your device with a hinder-free environment to work on. In spite of using less of your PC, the free auto keyboard presser will provide you with various options to set your automatic presses. 

No installation

The Automatic Key Presser does not need any installation. All you have to do is download Auto Keyboard Presser free version and start using it right away without having to go through the configuration process. This will save the user a lot of time and effort. 

Unlimited storage for key presses

One of the best features that Auto Keyboard Presser Free has to offer is unlimited storage for key presses. The user can choose to add as many key presses as he wants. Without restricting the user’s action, this software lets him add unique auto key presses. 

Compatible with various hotkeys

Automatic Key Presser ensures to provide the user with the best experience. This software has managed to make every hotkey compatible. The user can easily set up any hotkeys and the Auto Keyboard Presser will not restrict it. 

Automatic Execution

You don’t have to set the application over and over again. The auto button presser application eliminates the need to set the hotkeys with every action. You just need to set it once and you are good to go. 

Easy setup timing option

With Automatic Key Presser, the user can easily set up timing between every keypress with just a few clicks. It provides the user with efficiency and effectiveness. 

Pros of using Auto Key Presser

The perks of using the best auto key presser are mentioned below:

  • User-friendly
  • No installation needed
  • Highly compatible tools
  • Record and Automatically presses the keyboard repeatedly

Cons of using Auto Key Presser

The following are the disadvantages of using an auto button presser:

  • Does not support storage
  • Does not allow scheduling of recorded run
  • No multitasking

Frequently asked questions

There are some frequently asked questions by the users that you must have a look at:

Q1. How do I get my keyboard to auto press?

To get your keyboard to auto press, go to the home screen of Auto Key Presser and select the concerned key from the list mentioned in the Dropdown Box. Once you do so, click the wanted shortcut keys combinations in the edit box.

Q2. Is there an auto button presser?

Auto Key Presser or Auto Button Presser is a reliable tool that allows you to perform repetitive keyboard inputs at work or home computers. 

Q3. Is Auto Key Presser safe?

Yes, Auto Key Presser is proven to be Malware-Free.

Q4. How to use the auto keyboard presser?

To use the Auto key Presser app, follow the instruction:

  • Select the desired Start/Stp hotkey and click on set. 
  • Click on Play hotkey and click on set.
  • Click on your selected Start/Stop key to start.
  • Do your wanted key presses.
  • Press on the selected Start/Stop key to stop.
  • Now, Press the selected Play hotkey to play. 

Q5. How do you auto-hold a key?

To auto-hold a key on the Auto Key Presser app, press Ctrl+F1 to start. And if you want to release the key, press Ctrl+F2. 

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, Auto Key Presser is a handy and efficient utility tool as it requires minimal attention and still manages to get the job done. The files can simply be extracted and executed at any time. Additionally, the Auto Keyboard Presser free version is easy to use and all the options are understandable. Besides all the clean features, you can run the application right after the download is complete.   

Although it is incapable of supporting storage and creation of multiple tasks. It also does not allow you to schedule the run of recording at a particular time. Nevertheless, this application can still be useful for you. Hence, this free key presser review is useful and reliable. You should download Auto Keyboard Presser free on your Windows PC and see the benefits yourself. 


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