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Dec 23, 2020
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Download Quick Photo Finder (Latest 2021) to Get Rid of Duplicate Photos

Quick Photo Finder is one of the most trusted duplicate finders. It works on a smart algorithm to scan your computer deeply to detect any duplicate or similar image. It then performs various tasks to help you remove them effortlessly. If you wish to remove twin pictures from your PC, download the full version of Quick Photo Finder on your Windows PC for free on the basis of this review.

What’s New in this Version of Quick Photo Finder

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Editor’s Review

Duplicate Photos are like a termite that unnecessarily consumes PC resources making it slow and buggy. It is of utmost importance to find and remove the identical/similar pictures piled up on your computer. Otherwise, not only you will not have enough room to keep what matters most, but your PC’s performance will also start getting worse day by day. 

Since it is quite impossible to find duplicate clicks manually, you need to download expert software like Quick Photo Finder to do the needful. Tons of users download this duplicate finder every day and are quite satisfied with it as well. It is free to download software with a lot of powerful features to find and remove space-hogging duplicates from every nook and corner of the computer.

Features and Highlights

Below are the top features of Quick Photo Finder that you must be aware of before downloading its free setup or full version.

Intelligent algorithms

The duplicate photo-finding algorithms employed by this software are quite smart and powerful. No dupe or similar picture can escape from it. Hence, you can be fully assured about the scan accuracy.

Drag and Drop Option

The user does not have to perform complex tasks just to use the application. Simply drag the files and drop them into the scan pane. Not only this but there are a lot of features in Quick Photo Finder that provide the users with a friendly user experience.

A Plethora of Scan Filters

This feature allows you to narrow down your results. All you have to do is select the given options and tweak the results according to your requirement.

External Device Support

One of the best tools that Quick Photo Finder has to offer is that it allows you to transfer its functions to external storage devices. Meaning, it allows you to free up space on your external storage devices such as pen drives and more.

Organized Photo Library

If you wish to organize your gallery and by clearing all sorts of clutter from it, Quick Photo Finder will make it possible for you. It removes all the similar and duplicate images from your disk and organizes your gallery right away.

Find and delete Identical/Similar Images

These similar images might end up cluttering your library and take up much more space than you thought they would. Quick Photo Finder has the ability to detect and remove similar images from your disk. You can either choose to remove them or move them to an external drive as well.

Neatly grouped scan results:

It becomes easier to decide which pictures to delete if the scan results are presented as well-organized groups. Therefore, Quick Photo Finder groups the duplicates into neat categories so that you do not end up deleting any crucial photo accidentally.

Auto-mark option

Selecting the duplicates one-by-one is certainly a boring and cumbersome process. Thus, this software boasts an auto-mark option to select all the duplicate or similar images with just a click.

Free Disk Space to Optimize PC Speed 

The software ensures to remove every possible trace of similar and duplicate images even from your PC's hidden corners. If you free up space on your disk, it will not only make space for relevant pictures but will also speed up your system and optimize it greatly.

Pros of Quick Photo Finder

Here are the strengths or pros of Quick Photo Finder’s free and full versions.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 60-day refund guarantee
  • Lightning-fast scan speed
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Guides and tutorials

Cons of Quick Photo Finder

This software has no major downsides, except for a not-so-significant con that we share below.

  • You cannot download Quick Photo Finder on Windows XP, Vista, and other older OS versions.

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

Below is a side-by-side comparison of free and full versions of Quick Photo Finder.

Free VersionPaid Version
You can only remove 15 duplicates.You can delete unlimited duplicates.
There is no one-click duplicate removal option.It allows you to remove twin/similar pictures with one click.

Some Common Queries of Quick Photo Finder

These are the most commonly asked question by users. For better understanding, refer to these FAQs.

Q1. What is a Quick Photo Finder?

Quick Photo Finder is an excellent duplicate finder tool that is specially designed to detect and eliminate duplicate images quickly. With the help of its high parameters and built-in tools, the user can free up space on their disk in the best way possible. 

Q2. Is Quick Photo Finder good and safe?

Yes, Quick Photo Finder is a great tool for identifying and removing duplicate and similar images. It does its job quite well. Plus, it ensures to provide the user with utmost safety with advanced tools. 

Q3. Is Quick Photo Finder free?

Yes, you can choose to download the trial version of Quick Photo Finder for free. You might not get all of the advantages but if the software manages to meet your expectations, then you can choose a paid plan right away. 

Q4. How much does Quick Photo Finder cost?

The total cost of Quick Photo Finder is $49.95. 

Q5. How to remove duplicate photos easily?

To remove duplicate images effortlessly, download Quick Photo Finder and then follow the steps below:

  • Add the folders in the scan area by the drag and drop option.
  • Now, simply set the matching criteria based on your preference.
  • Click on the Scan option to begin the scanning process.
  • Once the scanning procedure finishes, review the results and delete the unwanted ones with ease. 

Bottom Line

If you want to eliminate duplicate photos easily in an instant, then it is a good decision to download Quick Photo Finder. You can get it for free or get its full version for advanced duplicate removal. We would like to conclude this review of Quick Photo Finder with a suggestion that it is a reasonably priced software and won’t cost you much, therefore, do not fall for its fake cracked versions.


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