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Download Techsmith Audiate a Text-Based Audio Editing Software

Techsmith Audiate is a versatile software that helps in recording and editing audio files. It provides advanced audio editing features that make the whole process as easy as editing any document. The reviews of Audiate are quite positive and reliable. Download the free version of Audiate and edit or record audio as per your needs. 

You might find it difficult to edit audio efficiently. But if you choose to use Audiate as your professional audio editor, you will be able to save tons of time and effort. Read along to check out the whole review. 

What’s New in this Version of Audiate:

The latest version of Techsmith Audiate is more powerful than ever. More and more features are being introduced to the software with every update. 

  • Introduction to Camtasia
  • More editing features
  • Efficient filters

The properties panel of the software can now be docked in the corner to keep it open in all cases. Right clicks will now work in the way they were originally supposed to. Numerous bugs have been fixed that were creating crashing and efficiency problems while using the Techsmith Audiate Free Download version. Other minor bugs have also been fixed for an overall improvement of the software. 

Editor’s Review:

Audiate is one of the best audio recording and editing software from the use of TechSmith. The software can be used by both novice users and professionals. No special expertise is required for the execution of tasks in Audiate. Any user can easily record or edit the audio files without any external help.

The quick editing features and filters help in saving the time of the user. The built-in equalizer of the software helps in leveling the sound of the audio file and reduces digital noise. The best feature of the software is that it allows editing through text, enabling the user to remove any part from the audio based on the text. Overall, it is safe to say that the Audiate Download version is worth a try. 

Features and Highlights:

The main features of the software are as follows:

Easy Audio to Text Transcription

The main feature of the Techsmith Audiate free download version is that it allows smooth and clear recording of audio through the user’s microphone. This allows the user to record noise and fault-free audio in the first place. You can simply choose to import an audio file or record your voice. this software will transcribe it into an editable text document in no time. 

Remove Digital Noise

While recording audio, the user may say some words, phrases, or even sentences that he didn’t want. The software helps in removing such digital noise from the audio file. Essentially, it allows you to remove any sort of background noise that might hinder the overall quality of your original audio.  

Waveform Editor

The built-in waveform editor of the software helps in keeping an eye over the level and pattern of the audio so that it can be leveled as and when required. This Volume leveler helps the user to create a consistent sound level through the entire recording with ease. 

Script Exporting

The script generated with the help of the audio editing and recording software can be exported by the user in the form of an SRT file and used as desired. Once you save your transcript as an SRt file, you can easily have Closed Captions that you can add to your videos. 

High-Quality Output

The quality of the output generated by the software never deteriorates. The Audiate Free Download version improves the quality of the audio file and helps in storing the same in WAV format. Plus it allows you to remove any sort of Silence hesitations and mistakes. 

Pros of Audiate:

The following are the advantages of downloading and installing Audiate- 

  • Easy editing
  • Advanced features of recording
  • Audio leveling
  • Removes extra noise 
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of Audiate:

The main disadvantages of the audio recorder and editor are- 

  • Might be confusing for some
  • Lack of advanced features
  • May lag or crash
  • Available in English only

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The following are the points of distinction between the free and paid version of the software:

Free Edition Professional Edition
Can not access all the features Full access to all the features.
No automatic updates are availableAutomatic updates are available
Premium support is not availablePremium support is available 
Can not import WA files from other softwareCan import WAV files from other software 

Common Queries

Following are some commonly asked questions for TweakBit Driver:

Q1. Is Audiate free?

Yes, Techsmith Audiate free download version is available that allows the users to edit or record any audio files as per their requirements. You can move ahead with the paid version if the free one satisfies you.

Q2. What file formats does Audiate support?

There are quite a few formats that Audiate supports. They are right below:

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • M4A

Q3. Can I edit audio and video files simultaneously?

An efficient editor like Audiate allows the user to edit audio and video files simultaneously on various timelines. It also allows the concerned audio to be sliced along with the video. It even makes the long video and audio edits easier. 

Q4. How do I convert text into video captions?

Audiate is not meant to do this job. But there is a tool that is associated with Audiate that gets the job done for you. 

  • Camtasia 

With Camtasia, you can choose to add captions manually and automatically as well. 

  1. Go to Camtasia and click under the Audio Effects in the side panel if you decide to do it manually.
  2. Now click on Captions.
  3. Now drag it down to your audio track.
  4. It will show you a waveform and will allow you to split the captions into 4-second increments. 
  5. Next, go by the whole video clicking on every caption that you need to add. 

If you choose to do it automatically:

  1. On the Camtasia’s side tab, click on More and then Caption.
  2. A Window will appear on the left.
  3. You can either choose to import your script or click on Captions.
  4. Now, Stretch the Windows as far as the audio runs on the timeline and then click in the text box. 
  5. If you already have a write up then add it to the window.
  6. Now click on ‘Sync Captions’.

Q5. How does the transcription tool work?

The transcription program assists in the transformation of human speech into a text transcript. All you have to do is click on the voice typing option and select the respective language. Lastly, simply click on the microphone to start. 

Q6. Is there a limit to the number of transcriptions I can do in a month?

You can transcribe up to 600 minutes in a month. If you accidentally exceed the limit, you will not be able to record, sync or import until your next monthly cycle. 

Bottom Line to download audiate:

Audiate Techsmith is one of the best and most commonly used audio recording and editing software. The reason behind why all the users like the software is that because the Audiate Free Download version allows quick editing of audio files without wasting time. 

Desired outputs can be created within a couple of minutes. The Audiate review has been quite impressive to the viewers. Download the free version of Audiate and create audio files of your choice.


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