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Songr 2.1
Mar 30, 2017
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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download Songr to Extracts the Audio Track

Songr is an MP3 player for Windows that not only can play music on your computer but can also stream music from websites. It acts as a desktop interface between you and music streaming websites. Third-party websites like YouTube, Grooveshark, Prostopleer, and MusicSearch can be streamed through the software.

It will also let you download and save music from YouTube in audio file formats. The user interface is simple and easy to understand, making it easier to find what you are looking for. When you download Songr for Windows PC, you won't have to do long and confusing Google searches.

Songr for PC allows you to listen to songs while browsing or searching for other songs. You can play it or put it on a playlist if you like a song. This app allows you to save files in MP3 or MPEG formats. Because Songr isn't a BitTorrent or a Peer-2-Peer network, it is safe and fast.

What’s New In Songr Latest Version

Download Songr latest version to get some new features that give you a better user experience. Here are the new features introduced in Songr 2.1:

  • Songr 2.1 comes with fixed Mp3Juices
  • The latest version of Songr has fixed the RedMp3 bug
  • Download the latest version of Songr to get a better streaming speed

The new Songr 2.1 is a very smooth and enhanced version with multiple features that give you a better user interface experience. Continue reading to get the editor’s opinion about Songr 2.1 after using it for days.

Editor’s Songr Review

Songr 2.1 is a video player that lets you search for music on platforms like YouTube. It's a 4K video downloader that lets you download videos to your computer so you can watch them. Find out about new bands and hear songs you haven't heard before with the Discover Music option.

People who want to download music from YouTube should download Songr. Songr also has a lot of modification tools to customise your playlist according to you. The program also lets you decide how it will save your music. If you choose the HD option, you can download songs in a better quality format.

The app comes with a clean interface, with big and clear thumbnails for each song. Songs are listed by genre, artists, etc., to save a lot of time in searching. Detailed band descriptions are shown. Songr keeps track of songs that people have recently played. As a result, they can build up an archive of their favourite music that is easy to find.

Features Of Songr

Download Songr for your Windows PC to get these amazing features:

Uses Multiple Search Engines

Songr searches your MP3s on around 16 different websites to get the best results.

Full Album Search

Songr allows you to search full albums of an artist.

Different Languages

This application comes in different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish, ларcки, Magyar, Chinese, Latvian, Romanian, Indonesian, and Català.

Download High-quality Files

Download high-quality audio and videos in different formats.

Grayed-out Low Bitrate

It greyed out low-bitrate previews and mp3s that are only played back for previews.

Intelligent sorting

Songr tries to put high-quality mp3s at the top of the list.

Opens Inbuilt Software To Play Music

It opens Windows Media Player right away if you double-click an mp3 file.

Smart Search

It makes it easy to find out the name of a song by typing words into the search box. You can also search for a song by its lyrics and listen to a preview of the song. To get more search engine connections, check the "Automatic updates" box to get more search engine connections.

Automatic Mode

You can put Songr on an automatic mode, which will automatically update the software to get better search engine connectors.

Spell Checker

It comes with a tool that checks your spelling.

Free To Use

It's free, with no ads or restrictions.

The features mentioned above make Songr download-worthy for your Windows PC. Before downloading the app lets take a look at its pros and cons:

Pros And Cons Of Songr

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of downloading Songs on your PC:

Pros of Songr:

  • After you search for a song, you can download it right away.
  • It makes it easier to find new and old music.
  • Search songs on various sites simultaneously. 
  • It lets you search for artists, songs, or even lyrics.
  • You can download videos directly from YouTube.

Cons of Songr:

  • You might not be able to track down all the music you want to find.
  • Stopping or pausing download will delete the file.
  • Some of the songs are paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Songr?

People can use this to search and listen to new music. Users can also upload songs they like from their music collections so that other people can listen to them. They can also rate songs such that they rise or fall on the list.

How Does Songr Work?

Users can search for songs by moving around the app from the homepage. There are different genres for each song in this collection. Users can either log in to their account or do it anonymously to download songs.

Is Songr Free?

The program is free to use and does not need to be downloaded. In addition, there is no need to sign up for an account.


We hope the information about Songr mentioned above helped you to get a better understanding of the application. We have shared our honest opinion about the software in this article. Download Songr to stream music online on different platforms. 

You should always download Songr from a trusted source like Filecrocs. Using this practice will make your computer process slow as well as corrupt your important files and apps.


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