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Smart Port Forwarding
Sep 21, 2009
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Description about Smart Port Forwarding

Smart Port Forwarding is a useful port forwarding tool that lets you forward ports based on the original port destination. It even forwards ports based on the content of the first data package. Recently, the developers at Smart Port Forwarding came with Forwarding on Sep 21, 2009 for the users of Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP. Due to this, the reviews of this post-forwarding program have shot up to great extents. If you have similar port forwarding needs you can choose to download Smart Port Forwarding from the link given here. 

The user can easily create rules that match the HEX or Text content of the package and choose to forward the request accordingly. By doing so you will be enabled to use a single external port for various applications. And forwarding the request to the local post based on your customized rules.

What’s new in Smart Port Forwarding

This port forwarding software is capable of forwarding various different ports. Now Smart Port Forwarding is targeting advanced users with their advanced new features. To enhance the performance of the application, many improvements have been made. Most importantly, all the bugs and issues that degraded the entire program, have been eliminated completely. 

Additionally, the installing and setting up process has become much easier. The new straightforward interface is easy to get along with. Although, as mentioned earlier, this application is the most suitable for the advanced users. That being said, the advanced users have a lot of benefits to take advantage over. 

Editor’s review:

Smart Port Forwarding is a useful program to forward ports. As the power of any network administrator lies in the capability to manage various different functions in a certain network. This software allows the forwarding to multiple ports. Smart Port Forwarding is a lightweight tool that does not hog up your device unnecessarily. 

The setup procedure is uneventful and brief. The standard window has a plain layout that lets you add a new forwarding port through the content menu. After you specify a protocol (UDP or TCP) and listening port, you can turn on Smart Port Forwarding to capture the first packet to a LOG file and carry out the forwarding rules. You will notice that it minimizes the tray area on launch. It is easily recognisable through the icon and pops up the configuration panel. 

Features and Highlights:

  • Forwards port by various rules: Smart Port Forwarding allows you to establish a default forwarding lane, in case all rules fail or none are entered. 
  • Forwards multiple ports: You can choose to forward multiple ports easily.
  • Intuitive interface: The user-friendly and straightforward interface is easy to understand and get along with.
  • System compatibility: It is fairly compatible with almost all the Windows systems. 
  • Freeware: The application is absolutely free and it does not contain any hidden in-app purchases. 

Pros of using Smart Port Forwarding

The main perks of using this port forwarding software are mentioned below:

  • Clean and simple interface
  • Advanced features
  • Forwards to multiple ports simultaneously 
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Doesn't take up much system resources

Cons of using Smart Port Forwarding

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Old design
  • Less updates

Bottom Line

Nevertheless, Smart Port Forwarding provides the user with a clean and straightforward interface. It is an excellent solution for forwarding multiple ports. This program is the most suitable for advanced users as it does not carry any integrated help file with it. Moreover, Smart Port Forwarding lets you add a new rule. That implies that it points out a rule name, data type, search type, along with an IP address and port number to send data to. 

Furthermore, this program merely uses RAM and CPU of your device. It does not interrupt your activity or affect the overall performance. The extremely simple design lets you find your way around. Hence, you should consider using Smart Port Forwarding on the basis of this authentic review.


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