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Samsung DeX

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Samsung DeX
Aug 28, 2019
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Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about Samsung DeX

The developers at the Samsung DeX released the updated version Samsung DeX Download for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 users on Aug 28, 2019. Samsung DeX is not hardware but a software program that transforms your phone into a Windows PC or much bigger display option. This idea comes to let you connect to a larger screen and to match your needs. Samsung DeX is easy to use as it is the same as any desktop operating system. In case of compatibility. Most of the apps are compatible with Samsung DeX.

Samsung DeX free download makes it easy for professionals to work and be more productive on a larger scale. There are basically two smart ways to connect your phone to the desktop, first, is using a wire or going wireless. DeX is used wireless best on a smart TV, which provides greater experience and you can also turn it into a workstation. There are DeX cable, DeX multiport adaptor, and USB-C to USB-C wired connections options available. You can easily find ways to connect them with or without wire. 

What is New in the updated version of Samsung DeX?

The latest version of Samsung DeX on a laptop provides a wide range of options, to gain productivity and portability. It upgrades your day-to-day life, with turning a smartphone into a dashboard can be a to-go option for you to work with. A multitasking option with two screens at once,  you can work and also use your phone for texting or watching something makes multitasking easier. Wireless mode is available to connect your phone Hassle-free. Many applications can be accessed and run in both Windows and Mac OS both. Now run a presentation on a big screen through your phone in a slideshow and make presentations easy like a breeze. You can also pull up your favorite games on a big screen through tablets or phones. There is a screenshot option that allows you to capture anything on the DeX screen. An Apps tray is introduced that contains apps similar to your phone. That can be found at the bottom of your screen. Check out more Samsung DeX reviews. 

Editors Review:

Samsung DeX for PC works on almost any desktop or any smart TV, giving you a PC -like an experience. It can bring major benefits for your business or company by increasing productivity and reducing the cost of more systems. Efficiency and communication are improved with such handy software. With the DeX screen, work becomes easy and improves work quality with a big screen and details visible. Many security protections can turn a business’s productivity level. Any new high-end device with support for DeX. Provides two methods of connection,  like wires or wireless connections, it can also be connected through Wifi too. With two screens at once, you can do any kind of double duty, say handling your kid while working or need two screens for watching something while working. Samsung DeX for Windows allows the elimination of carrying more devices. 

Features and Highlights:

With Samsung dex free download for PC, open a new world of desktop with these features:

  • Lock or exit DeX- From the app tray icon, you can lock the DeX screen in case you need to leave your desk for a while, also the exit for screen mirroring. 
  • Notification menu- In DeX mode an easy view of your phone’s notifications can be done by tapping on the circle on the right of the toolbar. 
  • Lets you access most of the applications- On DeX mode you can access any applications, giving you a PC-like experience using tools like copy/paste and drag/drop. 
  • More productivity and flexibility- With multiple screen sharing, elimination of carrying laptop and slideshow presentation allows more productivity and flexibility. 
  • Volume and the audio output- If your connected device has speakers you can access audio output and play music along with work. To adjust your sound levels click on volume settings on the right of the toolbar. 
  • Use your phone as a touchpad- Your phone can be used as a touchpad by using your finger or S pen for drawing, selecting, or any other purpose. On the notifications tab on your phone select this setting in case of non-availability of a handy mouse. 

Pros of Samsung DeX:

  • Connects a bigger screen to your phone
  • Works on both Windows and Mac OS. 
  • Connect via wireless mode 
  • DeX is compatible with most applications
  • Brings efficiency and flexibility
  • PC like experience  

Cons of Samsung DeX:

  • Few applications cannot be used in DeX mode.
  • Compatibility issues with some monitors and televisions. 
  • Software only works with Android.
  • The application is battery-intensive when in use.

Bottom Line:

Samsung DeX free download is a beneficiary software with such amazing features making our day-to-day work more enhanced and easy.  By getting a bigger view it is more smooth to present a presentation to more people. It helps you in multitasking, like putting your kid to watch TV while you continue with your work. deX mode can be widely used in any business or company to increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees and reduce costs for extra PCs. and the best thing is it is free of cost, that’s all for Samsung DeX review.


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