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Latest Version
OBS Studio 27.1.3 (64-Bit)
Open Source
Oct 05, 2021
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System Requirements
Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Download OBS 64-bit for PC to Live Streaming and Video Recording

OBS Studio 64-bit is an open-source and free program that is designed for video recording and live streaming. If you are looking for similar software, download the latest version of the OBS Studio 64-bit. This program controls your stream from your Windows PC effortlessly. Read along this review to know more about the application.

What’s new?

The newest version of OBS 64-bit has come with a bug fix where some of the sources would not have their own audio output properly. Not only this but a lot of changes and features have been added too. The full changelog is as follows:

  • New Redo/Undo button is added.
  • A capture method for Display Capture is added.
  • The black screen issues are resolved.
  • Now the third-party plugins will need to add stable support for this capacity manually.
  • Support for NVIDIA Noise Removal is added.
  • A track matte mode to stinger transitions is added. 

Editor’s review

The classic OBS Studio 64 bit is equipped with a powerful API that enables plugin development. That further provides customization and functionality that is narrowed down to your requirements only. It allows you to work with real developers in the streaming community out there to get the features that you want.

This software has been successfully rebuilt from the ground up to be even better, high performance with lightweight than ever. As mentioned before, it supports multiple sources including games, web pages, media files, webcams, desktop, windows applications, and more. 

In addition to this, OBS also has support for live streaming via YouTube, hitbox.tv, Twitch, DailyMotion, Facebook Live, and more. Plus, the software does not even have to make much effort to lead you through all of the processes, ultimately, you will be used to the basics pretty soon. 

Features and Highlights

To have a better understanding of the program, take a look at the benefits and features it offers in detail:


OBS allows you to capture and mix video and audio in real-time. It also allows you to create scenes that include images, texts, window captures, webcams, and more. Plus due to its high performance, the job becomes much easier and gets done in less time. 

Customizable Transitions

OBS Studio 64 bit allows you to set up plenty of scenes that you can switch between seamlessly. To switch between those scenes, you can customize your own transitions and make them as smooth as you want. 

Audio Mixer With Filters

This software has an intuitive audio mixer that has tons of inbuilt filters that makes your audio much better. These filters are quite useful. Some of the best features are gain, noise gate, and noise suppression. In addition to this, it allows you to take advantage of the full VST plugin support that it provides. 

Configurations Options

Due to its powerful and simple configuration settings options, you are allowed to tweak tons of settings to use the application to its full potential. You can simply choose to add new sources, adjust their properties and even duplicate the previous ones with no given effort or time. 

Setting Panel

The streamlined setting panel accesses a wide range of configuration options. These options allow you to tweak every possible aspect of your recording or broadcast. This way you can do the job more efficiently.

Modular Dock Interface

One of the best things that this software can offer is its modular ‘Dock’ user interface. This sort of interface allows you to rearrange the layout of your application just the way you like it. Not only this but you will be able to even pop out or highlight every given Dock to its very own window effortlessly. 

Note: It supports all the popular streaming platforms as well. 

Pros of using OBS 64-bit

The following are the perks of using OBS Studio 64 bit:

  • Tons of filters
  • Intuitive UI
  • Hotkeys
  • Studio mode
  • Multiview

Cons of using OBS 64 bit

The following are the shortcomings of using this application:

  • Might be overwhelming at the beginning

Common Queries

We have answered most of the frequently asked questions for your reference. Take a look at them below:

Q1. Is OBS 64 bit safe to use?

Yes, OBS Studio 64-bit is perfectly safe to use. It allows you tons of configurations and customizable options that allow you to get the job done faster and easier. 

Q2. How do I download the latest version of OBS 64-bit?

To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the download link mentioned above. 
  • Wait till the installation file download of OBS Studio 64-bit. 
  • Now, double-click on the download file to start the installation. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finally launch the application on your Windows PC.

Q3. Is OBS Studio free to use?

Yes, OBS Studio 64 bit is completely free to use. This open-source software is specially designed to fulfill your live streaming and recording. 

Q4. What are the top alternatives to OBS Studio 64-bit?

These are the top alternatives to this software:

  • Fraps
  • Screencastify
  • Icecream screen recorder

Henceforth, it’s quite easy to use this application once you get a hold of it. With the help of its tweakable settings, one can easily bring out the full potential of the OBS 64 Bit version. Download the latest version of OBS Studio 64-bit on your Windows PC.


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