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Logitech Webcam Software

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Latest Version
Logitech Webcam Software 2.80.853.0
Jun 15, 2016
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Free Download Logitech Webcam Software for Windows PC (Latest 2021)

Logitech Webcam Software is a free utility program for Logitech webcam users and Windows PCs. It manages to fill the gap between the computer and Logitech webcam to create a bother-less recording experience for the user. If you wish to fill that gap as well, then download the latest version of Logitech Webcam Software for free on your Windows 10  PC.

What’s new?

Some unidentified enhancements and additions have been made in the Logitech Web-camera Software.

Editor’s review

The web camera software by Logitech allows the user to capture videos and photos and offers them an option to upload them right away on Facebook. Plus it is highly configurable to capture movies and images, allowing you to manually pan and focus the given picture as per your choice. 

Logitech Webcam Software also lets the users tweak the setting to adjust white balance, anti-flickering and brightness, and more. Plus, the user can choose to schedule various tasks to certain settings for better performance. 

Overall, Logitech Webcam software provides you with tons of features for getting the most out of your system’s webcam. 

Note: Logitech Webcam Software only supports Logitech USB web cameras. 

Features and Highlights

The following are benefits that Logitech Webcam Software provides:


To start with the installation process of this tool, it does not flood the user with a complex procedure. It is rather simple to install the Logitech Webcam Software on your PC. Plus, the other modules that come with this software can be installed selectively. Once you launch the app in your system, you can start using the app without further steps. 

Logitech Webcam Driver

Not only it offers the user tons of features but it also takes care of the driver’s compatibility. It also ensures to detect the version of your webcam. You can even choose to install the drivers manually. 

Easy execution:

Another notable feature of Logitech Webcam Software is that there is no need to run the application in the background while the webcam is on. Though you can choose to leave the program turned on if you wish to use its advanced features. 

Intuitive Interface

Just like Logitech HD Webcam Software comes with a straightforward, clean and efficient interface. It ensures to keep everything in place and organized and is properly labeled with large-sized buttons and instructions. 

Motion Detection

This software is quite helpful if the user decides to use the webcam for surveillance. If you wish to use this feature in Logitech Webcam Software, you can choose to schedule and customize the setting and easily adjust the sensitivity.

Pros of using Logitech Webcam Software

This is known to be one of the most popular webcam applications. Check out the perks of using this application:

  • Easy configuration
  • Sharing options
  • Intuitive UI
  • Driver installation and detection

Cons of using Logitech Webcam Software

Just like any other application, Logitech Webcam Software has some limitations as well. They are as follows:

  • Doesn’t add video effects and images frames

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most asked questions that are answered for you:

Q1.  How do I install a Logitech Webcam Driver?

To install the driver, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of this driver.
  • Look for the most appropriate driver.
  • Install the driver.

Q2. Is Logitech Webcam safe to use?

According to research, it is proved that Logitech Webcam is free from spyware, trojans, worms, malware, and other types of viruses. 

Q3. How do I install Logitech Webcam?

To install the Logitech Webcam software:

  • Download the installation link from above.
  • Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded file.
  • Launch the application and follow the instructions that display on your screen.

Q4. What are the top alternatives to Logitech Webcam Software?

The following are the top alternatives to Logitech Webcam Software:

  • Vmaker
  • YouCam
  • YawCam
  • Debut
  • WebCam Monitor

Henceforth, this software is a free, safe utility tool that has the most organized interface. Download Logitech Webcam Software on your Windows 10 PC and bring out the best potential of your system’s webcam. 


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