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Latest Version
iSpring Free Cam 8.7.0 Build 27129
May 27, 2019
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about iSpring Free Cam

If you are looking for a useful screen recorder at your disposal that has all the advanced features you need, then check out iSpring Free Cam. This free and easy-to-use tool will be at your service and capture activity on your Windows PC. Recently, the developers at iSpring have come with 27129 for the users of Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 on May 27, 2019. Due to the latest update, the reviews of this tool have shot up and increasing day by date. If you are looking for a screen recorder then download iSpring Free Cam because we’ll give you every reason to. 

With the help of a user-friendly interface and a bunch of useful features, this app makes a perfect package for you. Plus the recording using this tool is way efficient than any other app. You can also choose to get your hands on the guides and tutorials available. 

What’s new in iSpring Free Cam?

The new update has brought a few changes to the application. One can be provided with the best quality screen recording without much hassle. Not only does it have the most customizable recording area but it also has a one-click upload to YouTube. That said, sharing has never become easier but it does if you use iSpring Free Cam. additionally, it manages to cancel out the noise and allows you to trim the recorded screen easily. 

Furthermore, now the user can operate the application using some familiar shortcut keys for basic navigation. Lastly, all the minor bugs that hindered the software’s performance are now eliminated to provide the best experience to the user.

Editor’s Review:

iSpring Free Cam is a tool that lets you record any part of your desktop screen, edit and share it in the most convenient manner. The user can also choose to save it as WMV. Plus this tool is astonishingly easy to get along with because it carries a clean and simple UI. iSpring has a bunch of advanced options. For a start, it has the best mouse implication that includes sounds and highlights. Not only this but the advanced audio settings will provide you with the best audio quality while you are recording. 

Moreover, in order to navigate simply, you can choose to use the familiar hotkeys and save your time and effort. Even the editing features will save you a lot of time as well because all the needed tools are given and they get the job done within a few seconds. Nevertheless, this software only saves the video in one format i.e. WMV format. 

Features and Highlights:

  • Customizable: It allows the user to customize tools according to their convenience. That includes hotkeys, recording, and more.
  •  Editable recordings: You can choose to edit your screen recordings whenever you want in the easiest way.
  • Enhanced video/audio recording: This application allows you to have the best video and audio quality while you are recording your Windows 10 screen. 
  • Effective Mouse indication: You are provided with an enhanced option that allows your screen-recorded videos to have the highlights wherever your mouse goes. 
  • Tutorials: To get along with the application and understand the know-how of it, you are provided with detailed tutorials. 
  • Advanced Functions: The user is provided with a bunch of advanced functions that allow you to get the job done quickly.

Pros of using iSpring Free Cam

The perks of using this screen recorder are mentioned below:

  • Enhanced sound quality
  • Easy actions
  • Simple UI
  • Drag and drop
  • Integrated share options
  • Editing options

Cons of using iSpring Free Cam

The following are the disadvantages of this software that you might want to consider before installing it:

  • Challenging installation process
  • Only supports WMV format
  • Limited to only 760p resolution

Bottom Line:

iSpring Free Cam is a user-friendly screen recording program that is suitable highly suitable for beginners. This easy-to-use application lets you screen to record the on-screen actions within a few clicks. In addition, it also has the easiest access to share the screen recording to YouTube with just a click. Moreover, it offers the best video and audio enhancement options. The user can also choose to edit them then and there with multiple editing options.

However, it only has one format i.e. WMV format plus the installation procedure might seem a little challenging to you. Otherwise, iSpring is a useful software that will make the job much easier and accessible to you. Hence, the reviews of this tool are convincing enough to al least give this free app a shot. Download the iSpring Free Cam now to explorer more of its advantages. 


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