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Jun 11, 2005
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On Jun 11, 2005, the creators of Facade download released the updated version of the Facade download for PC for Windows users. An artificial intelligence-based interactive history game was created by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern. Download Facade for free, in 2006 as it was once awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Slamdance Independent Games Festival and has also been displayed at many international art programs. As one of the titles it was also included in the book in 2010, the book's name was 1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die.

Facade download game goes like a player is a guest or dear friend of Trip and Grace. This couple invites the players logged in, into their house for some drinks. The player’s entry is how the game begins by starting a conversation by typing, the players can help them through their issues or separate them apart. The left, right, up, down, keys help to communicate, say or control the characters. In the game, you can also show gestures like, hug, kiss, and confront when the character is sad or welcomes you to the apartment. 3D and 2D, more like cybertext is used by the game for real experience. There are some gestures and words said when a character is in a particular situation or mood to express that, like when Trip is angry or annoyed she will say Caw. When the game first came out, it made a very wide distance of fans and there still are many. 

What’s New in the updated version of Facade download free?

Computer-controlled AI to provide you the real latest gaming experience with links to narrative scenes and adventure of TV dramas scenes with technical support behind the scenes. A bit of TV drama is related because of the fight and arguments both Trip and Grace have after the player goes for a fun evening. Uniqueness in this game can be experienced because of the advanced artificial intelligence. Situations in the game are mostly relatable as it is natural human nature, which gives the player insight into detailed human behavior. With one player game, the ending depends upon the reactions you give and how you end up controlling their behavior. 

Editors Review:

Facade download for PC is not just a game you can play to get entertainment or pass time but it also enhances you as a human. When the facade first came out it became the most important game for the users, people were loving it. Later a youtube video game out of the game and its features, which gained popularity and attention of people. The game depends upon the character you put up during the game, doesn't matter win or lose, the purpose should be to fix their almost broken marriage. When Trip and Grace fight, you are sent as an old friend, so it completely depends on how you handle it. By using cursor and typing you can comfort them and bring them out of their not-so-compatible bubble. 

Mentioning some words can also make Trip angry and she will exit you from the game. Words like kill, pig, or melon trigger them and disappoint them. This AI-based game with a touch of TV drama-based experience will surely turn out to be very interesting for you. 

Features and Highlights:

This technically ambitious game has many new features which make a whole new excitement level and also bring challenges for you to face, the new AI ideas used in Facade safe download:

  • Natural language parsing and conversational interaction- The standard way of communicating in PC games is typing on keyboards, it has been followed for a long time. The facade uses English inputs by users as natural human conversation, but earlier it was just short messages, this is time for some gestures too. While there are many topics to be discussed when saving a marriage, this update was necessary as your input should be delivered meaningfully. If the conversation engine fails to gain the spot your input will turn into a non-sequitur. 
  • Natural language generation- Unlike other games, the facade does not write long sentences as its dialog, the couple Trip and Grace conversation is realistic and the interruption during conversation is the cherry on the top.
  • Modeling Emotions- The modeling of the facade is such that the two characters know about each other well and one can easily detect different emotions in the characters like anger, depression, excitement, and joy. Even, these emotions stay with the character for a long time which affects the environment.

Pros of Facade download game:

  • Award-winning concept
  • Intelligent AI
  • Better replay
  • A new and unique concept
  • Enhance human nature 

Cons of Facade download game:

  • Too many bugs found
  • Poor design
  • Glitches 
  • Old graphics and realistic
  • Not so an intense game

Bottom line:

Facade download for Windows PC provides you a very realistic experience as advanced artificial intelligence is used which also makes people see how people behave. The adaptability of the game must be praised, when you enter the couple's home all you need to do is understand the room and its tension and react accordingly. If you are aggressive or flirt with any of them, you will be thrown out of the game room. 


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