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Mar 14, 2004
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Description about Battlefield Vietnam

The Battlefield: Vietnam is known to be the second in the Battlefield franchise after Battlefield 1942. This video game made by a Canadian company called DICE Canada is based on the Vietnam War. The maps included showcasing the authentic historical settings and first-person shooter. The features have a hint of realistic recreation of the battlefield weapons and vehicles from the time of the Vietnam War. The review of Battlefield Vietnam is as good as the Battlefield 1942 video game. The game allows the players to use various authentic weapons to drive tanks, fly helicopters and planes and even have an exciting race on a scooter. You should free download The Battlefield Vietnam video game on your Windows PC to experience the music tunes of the 1960s rock music that brings the game to life.

The game goes with the formula set down by the predecessor but that comes with an exciting change. The dispute between the North Vietnamese and the US forces is not comparable. The American forces have a lead in heavy weapons and vehicles. As far as the maps are concerned, they seem to be quite vivid and detailed like the real-life battles of the Vietnam war.

What’s new in The Battlefield: Vietnam

After the last update in Battlefield Vietnam, many bugs that hindered the last versions have completely vanished now. It also has a single-player mode that can easily be played offline. Though the support for the multiplayer mode does not exist anymore, you can choose to play by connecting to the server instead. 

The features were added that enhanced the entire gameplay experience. The graphics are creaky as before but it does not hinder the gameplay. 

Editor’s review:

Battlefield Vietnam is an authentic and exciting video game. As it came out of the Battlefield 1942 franchise, the Battlefield Vietnams holds excellent gameplay and the creaky graphics do not diminish it. The graphics seem to look like the typical old authentic video games but they do not glitch the screen while you are playing. The online multiplayer support might be a little weak but it will work better for you if you choose to connect to a server.

The soundtrack of the 1960s makes the era come right back. You will find yourself busy dodging traps and explosions. The map designs are the best part of the entire Battlefield series. The realistic recreation of the Vietnam War with some of the authentic 1960s soundtracks makes it more interesting. The game happens to have asymmetrical team matches. Both of the teams will hold different sets of advantages. Overall, this video game is enjoyable and you will probably end up being addicted to it. 

Features and Highlights:

  • Realistic recreations: the maps and graphics are showcased as the exact representation of the Vietnam war scenes.
  • Massive battles: The game supports a couple of huge groups on your Windows PC. The entire idea is based on encouragement and teamwork.
  • Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface of the Battlefield Vietnam video game helps the user to get through complex settings.
  • Single-player mode: You can also consider playing offline with the single-player mode. 
  • Easy-to-use: The game does not hold any complex features or tools that might end up confusing the gamer. 

Pros of Battlefield: Vietnam

The perks of playing Battlefield Vietnam is as follows:

  • The 1960s soundtracks
  • Realistic vehicles and weapons
  • Interesting asymmetric teams

Cons of Battlefield: Vietnam

The disadvantages of playing Battlefield: Vietnam is mentioned below:

  • Fewer opportunities for online multiplayer matches. 

Bottom line:

The second franchise of Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Vietnam is an enjoyable and challenging game. The asymmetrical team matches are the most interesting part of the game. This first-person shooter video game has the most realistic representation of the Battlefield series. You will see iconic weapons, helicopters, planes, and tanks that will blow your mind. 

The review of the Battlefield; Vietnam video game is satisfying because the game turns out to be challenging and enjoyable. 

The only trouble that is commonly faced is that the gamer might not be able to put up well with the multiplayer online matches. The restricted opportunities might annoy you. But overall, the game is worth it all. You should download the 2nd franchise of the Battlefield 1942 series i.e. Battlefield: Vietnam. 


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