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Astrill VPN

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Astrill VPN
May 19, 2018
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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Download AstrillVPN (Latest Version) for Windows to Get Fast and secure VPN

Astrill VPN provides you the protection you need to secure your privacy while you are surfing the internet. It hides your IP address and lets you access the internet freely through a stable proxy. Download the latest version of Astrill VPN on your Windows PC and secure your digital life in the best way. 

What’s New?

In the new version of Astrill VPN, some bug fixes and permanents have been made. 

Editor’s Review

Astrill VPN offers over 50 countries with stable servers, allowing you to access different websites regardless of your location. Not only does it keep your identity completely anonymous but it also keeps you safe from hackers that can steal your sensitive information. 

Without an ounce of doubt, it is significantly fast and powerful. But you might come across some usability problems and the software is pricey as compared to other similar applications. Moreover, Astrill has good-looking specs, essentially. Plus there are quite a few unusual protocol options.

Astrill VPN allows you to connect as many devices as you want. However, it has been noticed that it only connects 5 different devices at the same time. Let’s know more about its usage and functionality in the segment coming up next. 

Features and Highlights

These are the features that Astrill VPN has to offer to its users. Check them out in detail:

Anonymous Surfing

One of the most significant features of the application is that it lets you surf the internet freely and anonymously. Simply hide your identity while browsing to keep hackers away from your private data. It hides your IP address in order to do that. 

Web Security

You don't have to worry about your internet traffic being vulnerable to spies and hackers. It ensures to protect you from that mishappening via SSL encryption. To provide you with the best protection and privacy it runs in the background at all times. 

Various Powerful Servers

Astrill has a wide network of powerful and reliable servers all over the world. This helps the users to run everything smoothly and seamlessly. Unlike most VPN services, Astrill ensures to keep the connection and activity lag-free. 

Pros of using Astrill VPN

The following are the advantages of using this software:

  • Unlimited server switches
  • Supports BitCoin
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Remarkable speed

Cons of using Astrill VPN

These are the limitations that you might come across while using this application:

  • Requires mobile number to sign up
  • Might not connect to certain servers

Note: Astrill VPN carries in-app purchases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please refer to the segment below:

Q1. Is Astrill VPN free to use?

Yes, Astrill provides an easy-to-use and free VPN program for Windows. 

Q2. Is Astrill safe to use?

Yes, to a reliable extent, Astrill VPN is safe to use.

Q3. How do I download the latest version of Astrill VPN on my Windows 10 PC?

These are the steps to download and install Astrill VPN:

  • Click on the download button mentioned above and download the Astrill VPN’s installation link. 
  • Wait till the download is complete and double click on the downloaded file then. 
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions and launch the VPN service on your Windows PC without any hassle. 

Q4. What are the top alternatives to Astrill VPN?

The following are a few suitable alternatives to Astrill VPN:

Essentially, the job of Astrill VPN is to protect the user’s identity from the digital world. As mentioned above, this software has an option to encrypt your computer’s outgoing traffic. Plus it provides you the freedom to access any geo-restricted website or program safely. Download the latest version of Astrill VPN on your Windows PC without any further ads.


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