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Adobe After Effects CC 2021 18.2.1
Jun 08, 2021
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Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Description about Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects program. The user will be able to create industry-grade creative compositions and animations with motion graphics and visual effects for movies. Recently, the developers at Adobe After Effects have come with 18.2.1 on Jun 08, 2021 for the users of Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64. due to this advanced update in the app, the reviews have shot up high. You should download Adobe After Effects and experience the advanced editing tools.

This excellent video post-production program is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. It carries various features and tools to complement editing. Also, it carries an intuitive interface, so you won’t have a hard time getting the know-how of the application.

What’s new in Adobe After Effects?

In the latest version of Adobe After Effects, only a few changes have been made. This is because this software is already so ahead of its time. Firstly, all the insignificant bugs and issues are eliminated from this program. It ultimately led to a better performance of the application. In addition, some updates are made to update the project loading to take care of the damaged files. 

Editor’s Review:

Adobe After Effects is a visual effect program that is essentially used for post-production in film-making. This tool is specially designed for people who are working in the video and film editing industry. With the help of Adobe After Effects, you will be able to create flawless visual effects that will leave your audience dumbstruck. It also carries a full set of advanced features that allow users to have more creative liberty. You will be able to make quick changes to your videos. Intrinsically, this program can save you a lot of time. 

Furthermore, it also has plug-in support that makes the program even better. Features like Auto-Keyframes, RotoBrush, and many more allow the user to explore their skills and ability of the application. Additionally, the inter-program support grants you comprehensive artistic editing experience. Hence, Adobe After Effects is indeed a go-to video editor for experts. 

Features and Highlights

  • Puppet tools: For mesh sculpting, puppet tools like Bend and Advanced pins allow you to accurately bend, twist, scale, and curve your animation flawlessly. 
  • Receptive design: You can choose to create motion graphics compositions that allow you to shorten or stretch while keeping the honor of the keyframes such as outros and intros. Plus you can easily export your design as Motion graphics templates for better editorial flexibility. 
  • Clutter-free: You won’t experience any sort of interruptions because now the program allows you to adjust the size of the panels without stopping playback.
  • Precise Face-tracking: Now you can choose to use the new Face Tracker to apply effects to select certain areas of faces. 
  • Better animation: The user can set anything in motion with the help of expressions and keyframes. 
  • Depth effects: You can add depth effects like Fog 3D, Depth of Field, and Depth Matte to make the elements look more realistic.

Pros of using Adobe After Effects

The following are the perks of using this professional-grade software:

  • Combines with Adobe CC products
  • Wide range of advanced features
  • Various plug-ins
  • Intuitive UI
  • Responsive 
  • Professional effects

Cons of using Adobe After Effects

The drawbacks of using this program are mentioned below:

  • Requires a subscription
  • Abrupt Learning curve

Bottom Line:

Adobe After Effects is the perfect tool for professional-grade editing. Although I can be heavy on your system. But it is worth it all. If you are using the latest OS then you have nothing to worry about. Also, it might take you some amount of time to get along with the application. This is because this tool is specially designed for professional editors and if you are a beginner you may find yourself puzzled initially. 

Overall, Adobe After Effects is a powerful, stable, and dependable software that will provide you with every possible tool that you need. Hence, the reviews of this software are convincing enough to give it a shot at least. If you are looking for a handy editing tool for social media and other projects then download the Adobe After Effect program.


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