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Nito Sign
Jun 24, 2020
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Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 10

Description about Nitro Sign

Nitro Software Inc. released the updated version Nitro Sign, for Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 10 users on Jun 24, 2020. Nitro sign is a digital signing portal that allows users to e-Sign different documents like PDFs, Word files, and other documents quickly. Using the utility is quite easy and no extra cost is charged for every signature. The software does not depreciate over time. Form filling and document signing processes have been eased by the software. The user can also request clients or customers to sign documents, all from the digital signing utility. The software users the digital signing certificates to check the authenticity of the signs received. The need to print a copy of documents, sign them, and then scan them is removed as the signatures are added digitally, saving time and resources for users. As far as the review of Nitro Sign is concerned, the software is authentic and quite helpful. Get the Nitro Sign free version and sign all the documents electronically. 

What’s New in this Version of Nitro Sign

Previously known as Nitro Cloud, the latest version of Nitro Sign provides a lot of additional features as compared to the previous versions. The user can now set a proper sequence of signatures for different receivers. The latest update provides numerous signing templates to choose from for the user. For the acceleration of e-Requests, the portal now allows the user to now get visual analytics and insights on various documents. Other improvements have also been made to the portal for the ease of the user. 

Editor’s Review

Nitro Sign is a brand new digital signing solution that allows the user to sign documents without having to touch a pen or paper. A lot of businesses and departments rely on digital signatures for the completion of digital tasks. The software can be very useful for professionals, businessmen, and other parties. A lot of time and effort of the user is saved as he does not have to get a document physically printed to get it signed. Everything can be done digitally. The portal matches the digital signing certificate of the signature to ensure that the signature received is authentic and threadless. 

Features and Highlights

The basic highlights of the online signing portal are:

  • Custom Listing- The portal allows the user to set a sequence for sending digital signatures to the requesting parties. The receivers will get the digital signature at the time they are scheduled for. 
  • Templates- The portal provides a wide array of templates to choose from before fixating the digital signature for any user. Users can select one of the templates of their desire and create a unique digital signature. 
  • Intelligence- The portal allows you to get and manage the visual analytics and insights on any document before you provide a digital signature for the same, maintaining security. 
  • Manage Requests- The digital signing portal allows the user to manage and control the signing requests. The user can score the details of every document before signing it. 
  • Draft- The software allows you to create and manage drafts of documents in which the digital signature has not been applied properly. 
  • Shows Shared Documents- The portal allows you to manage all the documents shared between the user and other parties, easily. 
  • Archive- The portal allows to archive documents as per the needs of the user. 
  • Monitor the Changes- The software allows the user to monitor all the changes made to the document. Information about viewers, editors, and signing parties can be accessed from the portal. 

Pros of Nitro Sign

The main advantages of the e-Signing portal are:

  • No need to install a signing software 
  • Sign multiple documents at the same time
  • No restrictions
  • Track the changes being made
  • Fully secured 

Cons of Nitro Sign

The major disadvantages of the e-Signing portal are:

  • Only available in the English language
  • Can be a little complicated for beginners

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The basic differences between the paid and free versions of the software are:

Free Edition Premium Edition
Only the basic features are accessibleAll the features are accessible
Can be used for a limited periodCan be used until the subscription lasts
Contains some of the templates Contains all the templates
Limited signing requests can be managedUnlimited signing requests can be managed
No option for self-signingSelf-signing is available
Can not view document analyticsCan view document analytics

Bottom Line

Nitro Sign can be a very helpful e-signing portal for the users looking for one. It is a must-have software for companies who want to save the time, effort, and resources of the investors as wasted in the process of signing the document, physically. With the ever-growing advancements in technology, companies as well as professional individuals must get a subscription to the e-signing portal. Get the Nitro Sign free version and e-sign the documents securely. 


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