Nitro Pro (32-Bit)

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Nitro Pro (32-bit)
Oct 20, 2020
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Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about Nitro Pro (32-Bit)

The makers at Nitro Software Inc. released the updated version of their PDF editing software, Nitro Pro, to version for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 users on Oct 20, 2020. Nitro Pro is a PDF professional editing software that helps in sharing, handling, creating, and editing PDFs on your computer. The software can launch and view different PDFs on your system. The simple user interface of the software and handy tools help in performing different tasks on the PDF. The software also allows you to convert PDF files into and from different formats including Word, TXT, Excel, and PowerPoint. The user can also combine multiple files to create a single consolidated document. The built-in editing tools of the software allow the user to trim, rotate, extract, delete and modify PDF files. The 256-bit encryption of the software keeps your files secure and allows the user to encrypt the files using a password. Nitro Pro review is quite good and reliable. Download the Nitro Pro free version and get power over PDFs. 

What’s New in this Version of Nitro Pro (32-bit)

The developers of the software have updated it after making some fixes. The new version’s working process has been enhanced for the time when a PC wakes up from sleep mode. The grayscale-printing of the software has been improved. The user can now report errors more effectively. While using PDF/A-1 for conversion, the software can handle the transparent images in a much better way. Notarius certification has been introduced in the latest version which means that all the digital signatures inserted through Nitro Pro can be authorized within the software. The quality of redaction in the software has also been improved in the latest update. The user can now apply the black redaction box more precisely than before. Other major bugs and improvements have also been made. 

Editor’s Review

Nitro Pro can be a very good substitute for the big-league PDF readers, editors, and creators. The software allows the user to review the file while working on it. A sharing link to the PDF, as created or edited with the help of the software, can be generated through DropBox, Google Drive, or various other cloud-based applications. The software even provides an option to compare different files within to check any discrepancies. The software is an all-rounder application for creating, editing, sharing, converting, signing, and combining PDF files. 

Features and Highlights

The following features of the full version of Nitro Pro are its crux:

  • Create PDF- The PDF editing software helps the user in creating professional and all-inclusive files that can be accessed and run by different software on multiple devices. 
  • Convert PDFs- Nitro Pro (32-bit) allows the user to convert PDFs into other formats like Excel files, Word files, PowerPoints, and other MS files. Such files can also be converted into PDF using the same. 
  • Versatile Editing- The software provides multiple options for editing and modifying PDF files. Every user, whether beginner or pro, can avail the benefits of PDF editing with the help of the software. 
  • Save and Share PDFs- Want to share the PDFs with your peeps? You can easily do so with the help of the PDF editor. The user can save or share the PDFs created on different cloud services including Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and others through the software. 
  • Combine PDFs- Sometimes the user may want to combine two or more PDF files to create a consolidated one. The software allows the user to combine multiple PDFs and files of other categories into a single document. 
  • Review and Comment- The software has multiple tools for markup and reviews that allow the viewer of the PDF to review or comment on any particular section of the document. 
  • Digital Signature- The user can digitally sign the PDF with the help of the software. The digital signature will ensure that your file will remain secured and out of the reach of outsiders. 

Pros of Nitro Pro (32-bit)

The following advantages of the PDF editor will make it worth downloading:

  • Quick installing and faster use
  • Loaded with different editing and PDF creation tools
  • The help section of the software is quite reliable 
  • Provides a good user guide
  • The software supports OCR
  • The software is CAD compatible

Cons of Nitro Pro (32-bit)

The following disadvantages of the software can be downer:

  • The software is not quite configurable
  • Can be costly for some users
  • Crash complaints have been received

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The main difference between the paid and free versions of the software are:

Free Edition Premium Edition
Only the basic editing and creating features can be accessedAll the advanced editing and creation features can be accessed
Can not convert the PDFsCan convert the PDFs
The trial version can be accessed for 14 days onlyPaid version can be accessed for life
Cloud services can not be availedCloud services can be availed
Can not insert signatureCan insert signature automatically
Can not be upgraded to newer versions once installedCan be upgraded to the latest version as soon as the update arrives

Bottom Line

Nitro Software Inc has done a very good job in introducing Nitro pro, the PDF creating and editing software for PC. The software can be a very good alternative to the big-league competitors like Adobe Acrobat if the user is looking for a switch. The software provides multiple features to edit, add, remove, insert and modify images, text, and other data in the PDF. The facility to create a document from scratch can be very useful for professionals as well as students. Download the Nitro Pro free version and install, to check out its features. 


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