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Latest Version
Xpadder 5.7
Mar 05, 2019
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

Description about Xpadder

The developers of Xpadder created an updated version of the software 5.7, for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 users on Mar 05, 2019. Xpadder is a keyboard emulator software that allows you to assign keys to your game controller. Keyboards and mouse are good to play PC games, but not every gamer likes to play with them. Moreover, not every game supports a controller which makes it hard for the controller lovers to play the games. Xpadder makes it easy to assign keyboard keys to the controller so the games that do not support the controller can be played using the controller. The reviews of Xpadder have shown that it is quite effective in smoothing the gameplay. Mouse buttons can also be assigned to the controller using the emulator to provide a better gaming experience to the user. 

What’s New in this version of Xpadder

The makers of Xpadder have made drastic changes to the software in the latest update. The speed of image display of the software has been improved by more than 200%. The speed and efficiency of the software are now better than ever. Xpadder can now read the user profile quickly. The user can now check for updates, right from the software. A mouse wheel tilting system has also been included. A ‘Restore Defaults’ button is also included. The profile detection system has been improved. Various other bug fixes and updates have been introduced to the software. 

Editor’s Review:

Keyboard and mouse are the default player settings for any game for PC. In general, a controller enthusiast does not like to play games through the keyboard as it obstructs their flow. Some games support controllers while others don’t. Xpadder is the software that can be used as a solution to this problem. The user can link various keys to the controller button according to his desire. Xpadder improves the gameplay of controller-lovers and provides a competitive advantage to them. If you like to play games through the controller, it is recommended that you get Xpadder installed on your PC. 

Features and Highlights:

The main features of the software that make it better than other similar software are:

  • Quick Response- Xpadder has a lot of alternatives, but not every emulator is as fast as the software. The quick pulse response of the software ensures that the game is not harmed in any way. 
  • Smooth Gameplay- The gameplay of all PC games is made smoother with the help of Xpadder. Xpadder does not hang or lag the game and ensures that it runs just the way it would through the keyboard and mouse. 
  • Emulator for the Complete Keyboard and Mouse- All the keys of the keyboard as well as mouse can be linked with the controller through Xpadder, regardless of the function of the key. 
  • Advanced Tuning Options- The emulator provides fine-tuning options to users enabling them to set the complexities of the game and the controller. 
  • Controller Support for Various Games- The software enables the user to assign keys to the keyboard and make the game of various kinds like offline, online, multiplayer, DSO, and others to be compatible with the controller or gamepad.
  • Control Media Player- Not only games, but the user can also control the playback, volume, and other attributes of the media players with the help of the keyboard emulator. 

Pros of Xpadder

The following advantages of Xpadder makes it better than other emulators-

  • The size of the emulator is very less
  • Xpadder supports various languages
  • Multiple profiles can be made
  • Most of the gamepads are compatible

Cons of Xpadder

The following disadvantages of the emulator are a downer:

  • No cross-platform-ed
  • Might not work with some games
  • Might not be compatible with all OS

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The following points of distinction will help you in deciding between the variants:

Free Edition Pro/Ultimate Edition
Basic options are available All options are available
May contain malwareFully safe and secure
Only the older versions are available The latest version is available
No update once downloadedCan be updated as soon as one arrives

Bottom Line:

Instead of tiring yourself by playing games through a keyboard and mouse, get Xpadder and synchronize the keys to your controller. If you are a controller lover, the software can be a good download option for you. The emulator is lightweight, yet efficient. The software is not a virus but a useful application that can smoothen the gameplay. Free download Xpadder the latest version of the emulator and make gameplay even smoother.


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