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Wondershare MobileTrans

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Latest Version
Wondershare MobileTrans 1.0.0
Oct 23, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista

Description about Wondershare MobileTrans

On Oct 23, 2020, the developers of MobileTrans updated the software to its latest version 1.0.0 for Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista users. MobileTrans is a phone to phone data sharing software that allows the user to transfer call history, contacts, chats, notes, messages, audio, calendar, photos, app data, videos, documents, and other files among different devices. Every type of information that is left out by any application can be transferred to your new device hassle-free. The software is fully-secured and offers a complete transfer of data safely. Data from social media platforms like WhatsApp and others can also be shared with the help of the software. Just like any other Wondershare application, MobileTrans has a simple user interface. The review of Wondershare MobileTrans tells us much about users’ positive responses towards the software. Download Wondershare MobileTrans free version and share data from phone to phone. 

What’s New in this Version of MobileTrans

The latest version of the mobile data transferring software is quite better than other versions. The whole design of the UI has been changed in the latest update. Streamlined images have been added to provide a better visual experience. The steps have been simplified for quicker operations. The user can now transfer data from an Android device to iOS-based devices and vice-versa. The speed of transfer is also increased by 2-3 times the original. More types of Whatsapp files can now be transferred. The user can now check the proceedings of the process through a real-time transfer review system. Other minor improvements have been made by fixing a few bugs. 

Editor’s Review

At some point in his life, a user may want to transfer data from his old device to the new one. During such cases, having MobileTrans can prove to be very helpful. The software helps in transferring data between Android, iOS, Symbian, and Blackberry devices which can be very beneficial for the users looking for a switch. Files can be easily transferred even if you have different types of devices (from Android to iOS, from iOS to Android, etc.). Not just the contacts, the software can transfer large and a wide variety of files between devices. Apart from transferring, the user can also create a backup of the device’s data and store it on the computer so that he does not have to worry about losing it, risk file corruption, or any other kind of threat to the data. 

Features and Highlights

The following are the main features of MobileTrans:

  • Mobile Data Transfer- The software helps in sharing images, documents, videos, audios, calendars, notes, messages, apps, and other data between different devices. 
  • WhatsApp Data Transfer- MobileTrans also has an option to transfer WhatsApp data from one device or another device of similar or different class, like from Android to iOS and vice versa. 
  • Data Backup- The user can create a backup of the mobile data with the help of MobileTrans so that the same can be restored in the future when such a need arises.
  • Data Restore- One of the quality traits of the software is that it allows the user to restore backup files selectively without having to reset the device. The backup can be restored either from the iCloud backup or the MobileTrans backup file. 
  • Supports Multiple Devices- The data transferring software supports different types of devices including Android, iOS, Symbian, and Blackberry. Over 8000 different products, from all the major brands, can be supported by the application. 
  • Multiple Language Support- The device supports multiple languages including English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, German, Spanish, and others for the ease of users around the globe. 
  • Simple User Interface- The user interface of the software is quite simple, straightforward, comprehensive, and easy to use for beginners as well as for professionals. 
  • Easy Three-Step Procedure- Connect the device to your system, choose the task you want to perform, lastly, execute the task. The user has to follow this short and easy three-step procedure to execute any task through the software. 

Pros of MobileTrans

The main advantages of the data transferring software over any other similar application are:

  • Provides multiple options for restore, backup, and transferring data
  • Transfers a wide variety of files
  • Cross-platform structure
  • No data loss
  • Fully secure 

Cons of MobileTrans

The following are the disadvantages of the data transferring software:

  • Slow rate of transfer at times
  • Limited features for iPhone users
  • Might not be able to transfer everything
  • Can not be used for Windows device

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The following are the points of difference between the free and paid version of MobileTrans:

Free Edition Premium Edition
All the features can not be accessedAll the features can be accessed
Can not backup, restore, or transfer Whatsapp dataCan backup, restore, or transfer Whatsapp data
Can be used for a limited timeCan be used at least for a year
Can not Backup and restore LINECan Backup and restore LINE
Can not Backup and restore Wechat, Viber, or Kik dataCan Backup and restore Wechat, Viber, or Kik data
Can restore only 5 contacts at onceCan restore unlimited contacts
Can not restore data from iCloud backupCan restore from iCloud backup
Can not erase dataCan erase data

Bottom Line

MobileTrans can be a very helpful software for users looking to change their mobile handset but want to keep the data intact in the new device. Cloud services are indeed provided by most of the device operators but they may not be able to backup, transfer, or restore files between different devices. The software can help you to create offline data backups, restore data from the cloud or backup file, and/or transfer mobile data from one device to another. The software could be a one-stop solution to all the above-stated problems. Download the free version of MobileTrans and start transferring all the important data from the old device or the new one.


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