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Latest Version
WhatsApp 64 bit 2.2110.12.0
Jun 19, 2019
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System Requirements
Windows 10 64bit / Windows 8.1 64bit / Windows 8 64bit

Description about WhatsApp 64 bit

On Jun 19, 2019, developers at WhatsApp LLC launched the updated version of WhatsApp viz. 2.2110.12.0 for users of Windows 10 64bit / Windows 8.1 64bit / Windows 8 64bit. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and trusted messaging apps. The messenger was recently acquired by Facebook Inc. The app was originally launched for iPhones and Android devices but has now been available for desktops too. You can download WhatsApp for free and install it on your PC. WhatsApp review is quite promising and the app is loved by almost everyone. The app allows you to be in touch with your friends, family and relatives on a single platform. Windows 64-bit users can install this application on the PC for free. You can also voice call your contacts with the help of the app, free of any cost. 

What’s New in this Version of WhatsApp:

Some basic updates have been made in the new version of the messenger. A new set of emojis have been added to the latest version of the messenger. The developers of the messenger are also trying to roll out a feature to view live location as shared by the users. Apart from that, a video call feature will also be added in the coming versions of the messenger. In the current version, various other bugs have been fixed. 

Editor’s Review:

While working on a PC or laptop, you may not be able to use Whatsapp on your phone. It can be because either you do not get the chance or you are not allowed to use it. WhatsApp for PC is a lifesaver for such users. You can install the messenger on your system and use it while your phone is away. The messenger allows you to chat with anyone all over the world. Sharing photos and documents with people in distant areas have been made easy by the messenger. By using the messenger, you can save the carrier cost as all the texts and calls are made over the internet. All you have to do is to keep the app installed on your phone, while you use it on the desktop. 

Features and Highlights:

The main attributes of the messenger are:

  • Share Documents Quickly- The best feature of the messenger app is that it allows its users to share different photos, videos, voice notes and other documents with other users. Files up to the size of 100 MB can be sent over WhatsApp. 
  • Secure- The messenger uses an end to end encryption method which secures the app data from the outsiders. The messages and calls made through WhatsApp are encrypted and secure from the reach of third parties. 
  • National and International Voice Calls- if you make an international call from your phone, carrier charges apply, but you can perform free voice calls through the messenger all over the world. 
  • Create Groups- The messenger allows you to create chat groups of the people you want to be in touch with all at once. Up to 256 users can be added in a single group. 
  • Update Status- If the user wants to share anything with other people in his contact, he can do so by putting the file on status. All the mutual contacts will see to that photo or video through the status section. 
  • Authorisation from Phone- Before logging in to your messenger account on PC, Whatsapp will authorise it from your phone to ensure that no other person can use your account. 

Pros of WhatsApp

The following are the main points of advantages of WhatsApp messenger:

  • Free communication all over the globe
  • Easily accessible through phone number 
  • Share media instantly
  • End to end encryption of chats
  • Group chats for connecting with multiple people at the same time

Cons of WhatsApp

The following disadvantages of the messenger are a downer:

  • No video calling
  • Issues might be faced if the internet connection is weak
  • Does not have all the features as those in the mobile application
  • Questions have been raised against the privacy policy. 

Bottom Line

Communication through the messenger, whether chats or calls, is quite easy. Multiple users from around the world can be connected through a single platform. The user can use the messenger even if his phone is not accessible at that moment. Distance does not matter when you have to share media with your closed ones. The messenger has seen the growth from being a noun to a verb, which speaks a lot about itself. Download the full version of the app and communicate freely.


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