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Latest Version
TinyTask 1.77
Mar 08, 2021
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System Requirements
Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Description about TinyTask

The developers at Vista Software released the updated version TinyTask 1.77 on Mar 08, 2021 for the users of Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7. TinyTask is a task management tool that allows users to complete recurring tasks at regular intervals automatically. The software is quite useful in streamlining the workflow of the user. With the help of this tool, a series of tasks can be triggered automatically as required instead of manual operation. All the tasks can be programmed into a macro and executed with a single click. No need to code or script the tasks, just record them with the help of the software and let it execute them for you. The software helps in saving time as well as improving the overall productivity of the user easily. The review of TinyTask shows that the software is widely used and loved by all. Download TinyTask free version and start performing repetitive tasks effortlessly. 

What’s new in this Version for TinyTask

The creators of TinyTask have introduced some changes in the latest version of the software to make it easier to comprehend and use. More than 500 bytes have been removed from the software built to ensure multiple defenders and scanners that the product is not any kind of malware. The creators have dropped the false-positive rates of the software to 4, indeed of 19 as recorded earlier. A bug that was halting the operation of the software while performing bigger tasks has been removed. Under ‘Set Repeat Loops’, an option of ‘Current Repeat’ has been added. The ‘Settings’ has been shifted under ‘Pref’ for ease while using the software. Some other modifications of lower levels have been made and bugs have been fixed for an overall improvement in the performance.

Editor’s Review

Many PC users are forced to perform some daily recurring tasks due to their job or any other reason. This series of tasks can be executed with a single command with the help of TinyTask. The portable software can be very helpful in reducing time and efforts spent on performing recurring tasks. The user can map the mouse clicks and keystrokes with the software and play them when required. The program can help in creating exe files from the tasks, which can be used later on. It is one of the best Windows automation tools that help in performing the work quickly. 

Features and Highlights

The main characteristics of the task manager are:

  • Lightweight- The software can be used on any PC as the offline installer is quite small in size. The software does not take much space even after the installation is complete. 
  • Minimum Requirements- The software can be downloaded, installed, and used on approx all PCs. It can run on low-end computers with minimum requirements, lower storage, and RAM. 
  • Easy Interface- The main screen or interface of the software has only six different options namely Open, Save, Record, Play, exe, and options, making it quite attractive as well as hassle-free. 
  • Easy to Comprehend- Although the help section of the software is not that effective, the software is still quite easy to comprehend and use. Just press ‘Record’ to register the steps and execute afterward. 
  • Advanced Execution of Tasks- The software has advanced options that help in executing all the tasks, as per the series, precisely. The user can set two or more steps to the program and execute them with a single click. 
  • Record Actions of Mouse and Keyboard- TinyTask helps in recording the clicks of the mouse as well as the keystrokes of the keyboard, which can be recorded and executed accordingly. 
  • Record, Save and Compile Macros- The software records, saves, and compiles the macros and steps to provide a perfect execution of all the steps as recorded by the user. 
  • Multilingual- The interface of the software supports over a dozen different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, and others. 

Pros of Tiny Task:

The following points state the advantages of the task manager:

  • Straightforward and clean interface 
  • Quite lightweight after and before install
  • Quick execution of tasks
  • Creates macros after recording the tasks
  • Helps in saving time and efforts
  • Available for free

Cons of TinyTask

The following points state the disadvantages of the task manager:

  • Unreliable help section
  • May be confusing for beginners

Bottom Line

A lot of users have to go through repeated tasks daily. TinyTask can be quite useful for such users. The software allows the user to map repetitive steps of mouse and keyboard which can be executed through a single click or a keystroke. So, instead of following all the steps one by one, use the software and complete the tasks automatically. The software supports over a dozen languages so that users of different countries can use it easily. Download TinyTask free version and execute repetitive tasks quickly.


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