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Nov 25, 2021
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Quick CPU Download for Free a Performance Optimization for PC

In ancient times, people used to pay more emphasis on getting the top-notch performance of the PC. But now people also focus on power consumption and the efficiency of the computer. So, you can use Quick CPU  to elevate and observe the performance of your CPU, power, and voltage settings continuously. You can also verify core clocks, temperature, frequency management by downloading Quick CPU for free on Windows PC. It contains a lot of features like customizing the performance of the PC, adjusting the power plan, and many more.

Along with this, Quick CPU has an intuitive interface to help you modify the performance of the CPU, just like Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and AMD Ryzen Master. To know more about this software, you can read our Quick CPU review.

What’s New in this Updated Version of Quick CPU

Here are some of the new changelogs that help you to download the latest version of Quick CPU:

  • With the help of TurboBoost, Hyper-Threading, SpeedState, and individual core states, you can minimize the power consumption and heat of the CPU.
  • Fixes all the bugs.

Editor’s Review

Download Quick CPU to elevate and monitor the performance of your CPU. It also helps you to elevate the performance of Core Parking, Frequency Scaling, System Memory,  Speed Shift FIVR Control, etc. Apart from that, you can either perform all the given options or select from three preset performance modes. Moreover, it gives you a notification to either accept or discard the changes before modifying them. To know more about this tool, you can go through the features listed below.

Features and Highlights

Here are some of the best features of Quick CPU:

Graphics Performance

Quick CPU shows all the performance statistics of CPU cores to check the consumption and usage. 

Size and View

If you want to set the look and size of CPU consumption graphs, then you can download the Quick CPU tool.

Manage Voltage Settings

With the help of Quick CPU, you can set the CPU’s frequency scaling, core parking, and turbo boost settings.

C-State Residency

Quick CPU allows you to get real-time CPU speed, temperature details, and utilizations.


You can individually check the performance of all the CPU cores by using sensors.


To view real-time monitoring of the CPU at regular intervals, you can use one of the best features of Quick CPU named as Logs tab.

Power Management

You can export, import, activate, deactivate power pans and create a customized plan by adjusting the power plans of your device.

Pros of Quick CPU

Here are some of the advantages of the tool:

  • It helps you keep a thorough check on the CPU's performance .
  • You can get complete information about the CPU.
  • This software helps you to get Advanced CPU Settings.

Cons of the Tool

Shortcomings of the Quick CPU are mentioned below:

  • Not so user-friendly for beginners.

Commonly Asked Queries

To understand more about this software, you can go through the most commonly asked questions by users:

Q1. Is Quick CPU a virus?

As per our observation, Quick CPU is not a virus. So, you can download the Quick CPU tool without any worry.

Q2. What is a Quick CPU?

Download Quick CPU tool to improve and monitor the performance of the CPU and System Parameters CPU Performance, CPU Temperature, Power, Voltage, C-States, and many more.

Q3. How to use Quick CPU?

The following steps explain how to use Quick CPU:

  • Use power data to verify the existing power plan and charging status of the laptop.
  • After that, you can examine the specifications and details of your CPU model number, and manufacturing details with its CPU ID.
  • Now you can check the frequency ratings, core counts, and cache details of the CPU.
  • You can analyse the current usage of the CPU.
  • Check the temperature of the individual CPU cores.
  • Verify the current and exact clock speed of the CPU.
  • Then check the current memory specification and memory usage of Quick CPU.

Q4. Does Quick CPU increase FPS?

Yes, the Quick CPU enhances the FPS. If the frequency per second is more than the Minimum Required, then you can get a small effect of 15% only.

Q5. What is frequency scaling Quick CPU?

In Quick CPU frequency scaling is used to enhance the frequency of the processor.     

Bottom Line

If you want to improve and observe the performance of your CPU, then you can download Quick CPU. This software helps you to check the frequency scaling, temperature, and core clocks of the CPU. To get more information about this tool, you need to check the aforementioned features, pros, and cons.


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