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Proxifier Download to Get The Most Advanced Proxy Client

You might have experienced a situation where some particular application is blocked on your computer, preventing you from accessing it. Well, such issues are not uncommon with network apps that do not support proxy servers. However, you can still access these applications if you download Proxifier. 

Proxifier is a free-to-download software for Windows that lets the network applications function via chains and HTTPS proxy or SOCKS. Hence, even the apps with no proxy server support can work on your computer without any hassles. 

Moreover, the latest version of Proxifier has made the application even more useful for everyone. Let’s look at what changes and improvements it has introduced. 

What’s New in Proxifier 

Below is what you find changed or improved in Proxifier’s latest version available for download on Windows PC. 

  • Support for Windows on ARM
  • Optimizations in Service Mode
  • Bug fixes related to unattended mode installations 
  • Fixed issues with the portable version
  • Compatibility with Windows high contrast mode 

The above changes made Proxifier even more popular and elevated its functionality to such an extent that even our editor used this software. Below are the editor’s views after using it for quite some time. 

Editor’s review 

Sometimes, when trying to access a particular application, you may find that it is blocked on your computer. And it does not even support proxy servers. If you wonder what to do in such a situation, the answer is simple. All you have to do is download Proxifier for PC. 

Proxifier lets you access blocked apps by letting them work through chains, SOCKS, or HTTPS proxy. We liked this free-to-download software for its features, such as network connection monitoring and different client support. 

Talking about the features of Proxifier, below we give an in-depth overview of all its exciting offerings. 

Features of Proxifier 

Proxifier for Windows provides the following features for which you should consider downloading it. 

Redirect connection of all applications 

You can download Proxifier to redirect the connection of almost all apps, such as games, browser, email, database, etc., via a proxy. 

Corporate network monitoring 

You can trust Proxifier on a corporate network to control resource access, route every connection through one entry point, and perform remote multiple configuration updates via one place. 

Connection improvements 

Proxifier provides improved connection speed as it routes internet traffic via speedier routes. 

Secure and private VPN alternative 

VPNs are considered one of the best ways to bypass location and other filters on a website. However, VPN applications are not always safe. Such apps may result in virus and malware attacks on your computer. Hence, you can download Proxifier as it is a safer alternative to VPN apps. 

High flexibility

Free to download Proxifier for PC’s full version is an extremely flexible application. It assigns various chains or proxies to connections through a rule-based system. 

Detailed network log report

Proxifier lets you view complete records of network logs, including outgoing and incoming traffic. Moreover, it also allows you to manage log files. This feature is something network administrators may find useful. 

Network error reports 

Another benefit of downloading Proxifier is that you get detailed information about network errors. It helps you fix network-related problems much more quickly and easily. 

Above were the features for which we consider Proxifier one of the best applications to circumvent firewall and proxy. However, before downloading it, you should also take into account the notable strengths and weaknesses of this application. We share them in the following section of this article. 

Pros and cons of Proxifier 

Following are the bright and dark sides of Proxifier that you should be aware of before downloading the software. 

Pros of Proxifier 

Below positives of Proxifier make it download-worthy for Windows PC. 

  • Private surfing tunnel 
  • Simple interface
  • No worries about a software package have proxy settings or not

Cons of Proxifier 

Here is what’s negative about Proxifier because of which you may not like to download it. 

  • The toolbar icons are a bit small

If you are still unsure about whether you should download Proxifier or not, you can go through the following section of frequently asked questions to clear your doubts. 

Frequently asked questions

Below we answer all the questions anyone may have about Proxifier for Windows. 

Q1. What is Proxifier used for?

In the simplest possible terms, you can use Proxifier to open network applications that do not have support for proxy servers. It lets them operate via a chain, SOCKS, or HTTPS proxy. 

Q2. Is Proxifier a VPN?

In the first instance, Proxifier looks like a VPN. But it is a safer and lightweight VPN alternative that flexibly tunnels a few applications and targets. 

Q3. How do I use Proxifier on my PC?

You can follow these directions to use Proxifier on your computer. 

  • Download Proxifier’s latest version for Windows.
  • After downloading and installing the application, launch it using the Start menu.
  • Wait for the main Proxifier window’s activation. 

Summing up the Proxifier review 

Above, we shared our honest views about the latest version of Proxifier for Windows PC. You can download Proxifier if you want a feature-rich application to bypass the proxy and firewall limitations. 

However, you must be highly careful while downloading it. Getting the application from an unauthorized source may hamper your computer’s security. Therefore, download it only from a reliable source. 

If you need trustworthy and authenticated download links for all software you need, stay connected to FileCrocs.


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