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Picosmos Tools.
Oct 12, 2012
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Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista,

Description about Picosmos Tools

On Oct 12, 2012, the developers at Free Time Co. released the updated version of Picosmos Tools viz. Tools. for the users of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, . Picosmos Tools is a free-to-use photo viewer that allows more than just viewing features. It covers all kinds of general functions related to a photo such as browsing, segmentation, editing, combining, and many more. 

The review of Picosmos Tools is quite good and shows that the software can help the user to record computer screens in high quality. The software has been designed to work with multiple pictures at once and provide the best possible results for the ease of the user. The software can help the user to create HD collages, posters, and covers, and edit the pictures to add attractive special effects for the overall improvement of the pictures. Download Picosmos Tools free version and start editing pictures through your computer. 

What’s New in this Version of Picosmos Tools:

The latest update of the photo editing software is quite better than the previous ones. The software is now quicker and smoother than before. The developers of the software have fixed a bug that forced the software to crash and shut down again and again. Module download can now be executed precisely without any errors. The erase function through brush has now been improved for better working. 

A new OCR function has been added. Photos can be imported quickly from mobiles. A new feature to convert heic formats to jpg has also been added. Support for PDF has also been provided in the updated version. Other minor bugs, as reported by the users, have been fixed, improving the performance of the software. 

Editor’s Review:

Picosmos Tools is a very good software that provides all the major functions related to images. From combining to splitting, from editing to modifying, from creating to deleting, anything and everything can be executed with the help of the software. The creators of the software have added an option for support to help the users with everything. The size of the offline installer of the software is quite small and the software does not take up much space after install. 

The software provides all the basic photo editing features that anyone could ask for. The software may not be quite advanced as compared to other paid photo editing platforms, but it gets the job done. The best quality of the software is that, unlike other software, it does not require higher system properties to run. The software scans the image to find a face and provides image-enhancing properties for the users.

Features and Highlights:

The following are the main characteristics of the photo editing software:

  • Image Browsing- The main characteristic of the photo editing software is that it shows all the images on the system in one place. The user can view and read all the images. 
  • Photo Editing- The software allows interactive photo editing features for its users. The user can put on filtered, change sharpness, adjust the contrast and do much more with the help of Picosmos. 
  • Special Effects- The software is loaded with attractive special effects like stickers, emojis, frames, and many more options that help in proving a nice touch to your images. 
  • Multiple Processing- The software enables its users to process multiple pictures at once and make changes to them like rotate, crop, optimize, clear up, and many more. 
  • Produce Animations- The photo viewer and editor also allow the users to create animations, in the form of GIFs and other formats, and create SWF files as used on the internet. 
  • Reduce Digital Noise- The software provides an option to erase objects from the image. This feature can help in reducing digital noise and bring the focus of the viewer to the main object. 
  • Screen recording- The software allows its users to record a particular part, or the screen as a whole, of the computer or laptop in high quality and save it in AVI formats.
  • Screen Capture- The software enables its user to capture the screen at any moment and save it or extract text from the image with the help of a built-in OCR function. 
  • Beautify Pictures- With the help of Picosmos Tools, the user can beautify any picture or portrait after the software recognizes the face and provides beautifying options like skin lightening, lip gloss, hair coloring, etc. 
  • Multilingual- Picosmos is a multilingual software that supports over a dozen different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and many more for the ease of international users. 

Pros of Picosmos Tools:

The main advantages of the photo reader and viewer are:

  • Wide range of editing options
  • Properly organized
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multitasking editor
  • Work with multiple files in batch

Cons of Picosmos Tools:

The main disadvantages of the photo reader and viewer are:

  • Not as effective as a paid software
  • Only for beginners
  • May lag or crash repeatedly

Bottom Line:

Picosmos Tools is quite an effective tool for editing, viewing, combining, deleting, erasing photos, recording screens, adding special effects, and doing much more through a single software. The software may not provide advanced editing features for professionals but does provide enough features for a beginner to work on. 

The software is safe to use as it does not damage or delete the images in any way. The software includes a ‘Help’ section that attends to all the grievances of the user. The interface of the software is quite straightforward and easy to comprehend for beginners, anyone can use the software despite the level of experience he has. Download Picosmos Tools free version and start editing pictures according to your needs. 


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