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Panda Dome Essential

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Latest Version
Panda Dome Essential 20.01.00
Jun 09, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Description about Panda Dome Essential

The latest version 20.01.00, released on Jun 09, 2020, of Panda Dome Essential, is available for download on Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 computers. It is a PC security solution offered by Panda Security to keep the computer protected from both known and unknown online threats in real-time. You can use it to get much-needed protection for your computer and the data stored in it.

What’s New in this Version of Panda Dome Essential

Fixed known bugs and software performance issues

Editor’s Review

In today’s world, a robust online security system is what we all need. Hence, downloading antivirus software is inevitable. One of the best PC protection software you can download is Panda Dome Essential. It provides all the needed protection to keep you safe online and your privacy intact at all times. Though you only get its free trial and not a full-fledged free version, we find it worth trying for its WiFi protection, external devices scan, and other features.

Features and Highlights

Here are the top features of Panda Dome Essential you must take into account before downloading it.

  • Complete protection against viruses: Panda Dome Essential performs the basic function of an antivirus, i.e., protecting the computer from viruses and other harms perfectly. It removes and gives real-time protection from almost all malware types, including viruses.
  • Safe browsing: It attempts to make the internet a safe place for all by blocking malware-infected and phishing websites. Moreover, it also helps you keep online frauds, identity theft, and other internet-related threats at bay.
  • Firewall: There is a firewall to protect your computer from hacking attempts through the programs you install. It allows you to control the incoming and outgoing program connections.
  • Protection from keyloggers: Keystroke logging or keylogging is no more an uncommon phenomenon. Hackers often use keyloggers to steal your passwords and confidential information when you type it. Therefore, protecting yourself from these advanced ways of attacks is essential. This version of Panda Dome keeps you protected from the keylogging attempts.
  • Process Monitor: A computer runs several processes in the background. Panda Dome Essential keeps a watchful eye on them to detect and stop the suspicious ones.
  • Network monitoring: Connecting to an unknown network can be highly risky for your computer’s well-being. Therefore, this program monitors the WiFi network and warns you if it is overloaded, uses an extremely common name, is not password protected, or vulnerable to attacks. Moreover, it also gives tips and recommendations to improve your network security.

Pros of Panda Dome Essential

Below is what we found impressive about Panda Dome Essential while reviewing it, i.e., its strengths.

  • Light on PC resources.
  • Comprehensive firewall protection.
  • Complete WiFi security monitoring.
  • A plethora of support options and features.

Cons of Panda Dome Essential

Here’s why Panda Dome Essential is not the best choice for antivirus protection.

  • It is a bit expensive than other similar programs.
  • The interface may seem confusing to beginners.
  • Parental control is not available.
  • Slow scan speed.

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

Let’s now compare Panda Dome Essential with its free counterpart.

Free VersionPaid Version 
No firewall protection.You get complete firewall protection.
It does not protect from viruses in real-time.The paid version offers real-time security from viruses.
There is no VPN.It offers a VPN to browse anonymously.
It has no process and network monitoring.The paid version monitors the process and network.

Bottom Line

Panda Dome Essential is an excellent antivirus software to download and try for free. It provides powerful protection from viruses and also offers many useful features, such as process and network monitoring. However, if you want even more security and advanced features, then you can get the Advanced, Complete, or Premium version of Panda Dome.


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