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Oct 27, 2021
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Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

NZXT CAM Latest Version 4.30.1 Free Download

For gaming computers, performance matters the most. A dull-performing or excessively hot PC can never give you the top-notch gaming experience you expect. Therefore, you must keep your computer’s overall functioning, temperature, and other aspects in check to take corrective action whenever things seem to go downhill. To monitor the performance, temperature of your computer, and other related factors with ease, you can download NZXT CAM. 

NZXT CAM is software that keeps track of every feature of your computer. For instance, you can use it to monitor how various applications use your PC resources. To know about this program in more detail, you can continue reading this NZXT CAM review. 

To begin with, let’s first take a look at the new things which are making this software so popular these days. 

What’s New in NZXT CAM

Below is what changes you will find in the NZXT CAM’s latest version, making it one of the perfect monitoring software. 

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved auto-update process

Seems like a lot has changed for the better in NZXT CAM’s updated version. Well, while using this software’s latest version, we had diverse views about it. We summarize our viewpoints in the below editor review to help you understand whether you should download NZXT CAM for Windows or not. 

Editor’s review 

Have you ever wondered why some computers perform incredibly while gaming whereas others do not? Well, the gaming performance of a computer largely depends on factors such as its bandwidth consumption, FPS, temperature, etc. To get an impeccable gaming experience, you must continuously monitor and fix issues with all these key performance indicators. 

In our humble opinion, NZXT CAM is the perfect monitoring software to download for free on Windows. With this software, you can keep an eye on all the crucial factors affecting your computer performance and identify the issues that hamper it so that you can make your PC perform optimally at all times. 

Now, before you jump to download the NZXT CAM software, it is important to note the features that it offers so that you can make an informed decision. 

Features of NZXT CAM

Below is all that the free-to-download NZXT CAM software has to offer to help you track and manage your computer’s (most importantly, gaming) performance. 

Temperature monitoring 

In the case of computer gaming, rising processor temperature makes the gaming performance fall. You should maintain an ideal temperature (45º C to 65º C) to get maximum output while playing high-end games. Therefore, you may download NZXT CAM for Windows to keep CPU/GPU temperature in check. 

FPS monitoring 

If you are an ardent gamer, you must already know the value of FPS in gaming. A higher FPS, i.e., Frames Per Second is always better than a low FPS to play games effectively. Thus, NZXT CAM comes with an FPS tracker to ensure you get the desired frame rate. 

GPU overclocking 

As you may know, overclocking the processor is among the best ways to extract more juice out of it. Thus, to make the GPU perform better, you can overclock it using the 32-bit/64-bit NZXT CAM software. 

In-game overlay

Overlays make it easy to perform various tasks, such as FPS, temperature, and bandwidth monitoring while playing a game. Hence, NZXT CAM boasts a unique in-game overlay option that you can enable to monitor various performance aspects during a gaming session. 

Fan and RGB light controlling 

With the powerful game sync, you can make FAN and RGB light-related changes on all NZXT CAM-supported games. This feature allows you to strike the perfect balance between game colors, lights, and in-game audio. Along with this, it also lets you switch off the light for a competitive advantage. 

Smart scheduling 

One of the most attractive features of NZXT CAM is its scheduling. It allows you to customize how fans and lighting behave during the day. You can schedule the lights to turn on with the day’s beginning, cooling devices to function at higher power in the afternoon to beat the heat, and lights to turn off automatically at night. 

Supports many devices

There is a huge list of NZXT CAM-supported devices. We share it below. 

  • Grid + v1,v2 and v3
  • Kraken X41
  • Kraken X61
  • HUE plus fan
  • Kraken X31
  • AER RGB fans
  • Hue 2
  • H700i
  • N7 motherboard
  • H400i

The above features are extremely tempting. But before you decide to download NZXT CAM for free, take note of its strengths and weaknesses that we noticed while reviewing it. We share them below.

Pros and cons of NZXT CAM

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using NZXT CAM to monitor your computer. 

Pros of NZXT CAM 

Following are the perks of downloading NZXT CAM software for Windows.

  • User-friendly
  • Low resource consumption
  • Shows almost all computer performance statistics 
  • High customization 
  • Completely free 

Cons of NZXT CAM

Here are all the not-so-good things about the NZXT CAM software.

  • Slow application loading

Now, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions before concluding our NZXT CAM review to clear your doubts if any. 

Frequently asked questions

Below is the answer to every question you may have on your mind about NZXT CAM. 

Q1. Is NZXT Cam necessary?

Whether software is necessary or not depends on the user’s requirements. If your needs include monitoring a computer’s all aspects to ensure optimum gaming and overall performance, NZXT CAM is surely an essential software. 

Q2. Should I uninstall NZXT Cam?

In our opinion, you should not uninstall NZXT Cam if you want to keep track of your computer’s performance. However, uninstalling the software or keeping it is always your personal choice. 

Q3. Is NZXT Cam reliable?

As far as reliability is concerned, NZXT showed the most accurate readings as compared to many other programs. Hence, we think it is reliable and perfect monitoring software. 

Q4. What does NZXT Cam do?

In simple terms, NZXT Cam helps you monitor various segments of your computer’s performance, such as processor load, bandwidth consumption, resources used by different applications, etc., so that you can detect and fix related problems. 

Q5. Is NZXT Cam safe?

In our view, NZXT Cam is safe and malware-free software that you can download on Windows for computer monitoring. 

Q6. What are the alternatives to NZXT Cam?

NZXT CAM is an excellent monitoring software for Windows. Still, if you want, you can try the following alternatives. 

Summing up the NZXT CAM review 

Above was our in-depth analysis of the NZXT CAM software. We think it is the perfect pick if you want to keep continuous monitoring of various factors affecting your PC’s gaming/all-around performance. 

However, you should not download this software from any unreliable source to avoid security risks to your computer. You can download NZXT CAM’s latest version for free from our website. 

To know about other exciting software, keep checking FileCrocs regularly. 


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