Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2

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Need for Speed Underground 2
Nov 09, 2019
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Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista,

Description about Need for Speed Underground 2

On Nov 09, 2019, Electronic Arts Inc. launched the latest version of their racing game, Need for Speed Underground 2 for Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista, users. NFS Underground 2 is a sequel of EA’s one of the most popular PC games, NFS Underground. The prequel was a best seller in 2003 and it motivated the manufacturers to roll out the sequel in 2004. The game was a major hit amongst the lovers of the Need for Speed franchise. New modes, streamlined gameplay, better pace, improved car customization features, free-roaming, and better audio and video resulted in such a tremendous success for the game. Need for Speed Underground 2’s review is quite good. Being a sequel, the story of the prequel is continued in the game where the main star has moved from fictional Olympic City to the streets of Bayview and tries to gain a reputation as the best underground racer. The story continues and reaches the end later on. Download the free version of Need for Speed Underground 2 and enjoy the competitive gaming. 

What’s New in this Version of Need for Speed Underground 2:

Although EA Inc. tried to provide the best gaming experience to the gamers, some flaws were included intentionally which were later addressed by them. Various changes were made in the latest version of the game. The performance of the game on the NVIDIA 6800 graphic card has been improved. The game used to crash repeatedly while playing Online Lobby on Windows 98 and Windows ME which has now been fixed. Users do not need an internet connection anymore to host multiplayer games using LAN. A bug has been fixed which convicted the gamers for cheating even when they did not. Various other bugs in the game have also been fixed. 

Editor’s Review:

Need for Speed has always been a very popular and loved game franchise among racing game lovers. The prequel of NFS Underground 2 had received an overwhelming response from the gamers and the sequel too was quite a hit. The game can run on minimum graphic and system requirements. More than twenty-five cars and numerous modifying options have been provided for the best gaming experience. Different racing modes and drifting cars make the game more exciting and attractive. Even on lower settings, the graphics of the game are fabulous. With more than 11 million copies of the game are sold which says quite a lot about the game. 

Features and Highlights:

The main attractions of Need for Speed Underground 2 are: 

  • Innovative Gameplay- The gameplay of the NFS Underground is quite attractive and unique. The player has to travel in the streets to find races going on across the city and challenge the rivals. 
  • Variety in Map- The map of the game has been given the shape of a city divided into 5 parts. Each part of the city has different surroundings and environmental features. 
  • Free Roam- The game allows the player to roam in the city freely and discover different shortcuts and areas. Drivable freeways connect different parts of the city for the gamer to wander through. 
  • Different Gameplay Modes- The game includes various modes of playing the game including drag racing, drifting competitions, circuit runs, sprint racing, Street X, Underground Racing League, and other special events for the gamer. 
  • Multiple Cars- The game provides more than 25 cars from different brands to purchase and choose from for the gamers. All the cars can be tuned and modified as the player desires. 
  • Customization- More than a million combinations are available for the player to select from. The gamer can customize the purchased car through audio upgrades, rim changes, headlight patterns, wide-body kits, hoods, and various other accessories to select from. 
  • Runs on Minimum Requirements- The coding of the game is quite simple which makes it possible to run on minimum graphic and system requirements. 

Pros of Need for Speed Underground 2:

The following advantages of the game make it attractive:

  • Various game modes to select from 
  • Competitive street racing and drifting action
  • Multiple neighborhoods to drive through and race in. 
  • More than a million options to customize the cars

Cons of Need for Speed Underground 2:

The following disadvantages of the game can be a downer for the gamer:

  • The graphics are a little outdated as compared to that in present games. 
  • A long track circuit can be boring
  • Jump point issue

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The following points of comparison will explain everything you need to know about the versions:

Free Edition Pro/Ultimate Edition
Can not access the whole map Can access the whole map
Only three modes of racing are availableAll modes of racing are available
All the accessories are not availableAll accessories are available

Bottom Line:

For the racing game lovers, Need for Speed Underground 2 can be a very good alternative. The graphics of the game may be a little outdated as compared to the present games, but NFSU 2 is still thrilling to play with. The full version of the game setup has been highly compressed into a RAR file. Download Need For Speed Underground 2 latest version for free. 


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