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MSI Kombustor
Nov 22, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Description about MSI Kombustor

The developers at Micro-Star International (MSI) Ltd. introduced the updated version of MSI Kombustor viz. for the users of Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 on Nov 22, 2020. MSI Kombustor is one of the best benchmarking software for PCs. It helps in testing the stability and thermal power of the graphic card present in the system. Kombustor is based on another similar software named FurMark. The software will provide all the information about the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) installed on one’s computer. The software is commonly used by gamers and graphic enthusiasts to determine the limits of their graphic cards. Game developers also use the software to determine the limits of different graphic cards on running their games. MSI Kombustor reviews are quite promising and reliable. Download MSI Kombustor free version and test the GPU’s limits. 

What’s New in this Version of MSI Kombustor

The latest version of the software is loaded with additional features. The software can now test the quality of newly launched GPUs like NVIDIA GeForce GT 1010 for PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop, RTX 3070 Laptop, and RTX 3060 Laptop. The software is now fully updated with the latest feature of GeeXLab SDK libs. In the previous versions of the software, after the first use, the artifact scanner remained on. This bug is now fixed in the updated version. Various other bugs have also been fixed. 

Editor’s Review

Games like to test the limits of their GPU. It gives them the idea of whether the graphic card will survive or last if they run any particular game. The software gives an exact idea of the graphic properties and thermal capabilities of any graphic card. If you want a detailed list of the capabilities, you can run a burn-in Kombustor test on the system. The software shows a real-time report on power-level, load taken, and temperature maintained in the GPU. The software is quite helpful in determining the properties and the extent of your graphic card. Game developers who want to modify their games’ features according to different graphic card attributes, can also use the software for the same. 

Features and Highlights

The main characteristics of the graphic benchmarking software, MSI Kombustor, are:

  • Easy-to-Use- The developers of MSI Kombustor have developed it to be easier to use even for beginners. The software provides a comprehensive report about the GPU after running the tests. 
  • Three Different Tests- The software allows the user to conduct three different tests viz. Triangle of Death, Fractal Frame, and Wavy Plane. The user can conduct the tests according to his needs. 
  • Different Modes of Test- The software provides multiple options to conduct the tests according to requirements of APIs (DirectX, Direct 3D, etc.), multiple rendering modes (windowed and full-screen), anti-aliasing mode, and others. 
  • Two Types of Tests- The software provides an option to choose between two different types of tests, burn-in test and single benchmark run. The burn-in test provides detailed information about the graphic properties and capabilities of the GPU. 
  • Real-Time Performance- MSI Kombustor helps in analyzing the accurate and real-time performance capabilities of different graphic cards as installed on the computer and an option to compare them with other GPUs.
  • LED Slim-Support- The software provides a slim- support feature to control the LED illumination levels as built-in the GPU. The LED illumination also affects the performance and temperature of the card. 

Pros of MSI Kombustor:

The following benefits of the software will make you download and install the benchmarking software:

  • The size of the software is quite small 
  • The user-friendly interface of the software makes it easy to comprehend
  • Attractive design and display of the software
  • The software is available at your disposal for free

Cons of MSI Kombustor

The following disadvantages of the software can be a major downer for the user:

  • The results provided can be misleading in some cases
  • Limited number of tests
  • Fewer tests related to DirectX

Bottom Line

MSI Kombustor is an effective software to check the duration of a stress test on any GPU. Users are ignorant about the capabilities of the GPU but should not be running software or games above the limits that can destroy the graphic card more easily. Download the full and latest version of MSI Kombustor to maintain the GPU’s safety.


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