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Latest Version
Movavi Video Suite Business 21.2.0
Mar 15, 2021
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System Requirements
Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Description about Movavi Video Suite Business

The developers of Movavi Video Suite Business updated the software to 21.2.0 for Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 on Mar 15, 2021. The video editing software allows the users to create, convert and edit videos that can help in growing the business. The main focus of the filters, textures, patterns, designs, effects, and other edits available in the software is to provide all the things that can help in the overall growth of the business. It is a fact that uploading a video generates more potential buyers for the business. It can help in explaining the crucial aspects of any business and that’s why it is becoming the preference of many businesses. The review of Movavi Video Suite Business is quite good as the videos have helped a lot of businesses in improvement. Download Movavi Video Suite Business for free and upgrade your business. 

What’s New in this Version of Movavi Video Suite Business:

The developers have done a great job in upgrading to the latest version of the software. In the previous versions, the media in the storage used to get saved in the software’s media library, taking up space, but now this feature has been removed. A new emotion tracking feature has been added to the software to provide a better grip over the editing of moving objects. Some changes have been made to the built-in screen recorder to improve its performance. The compressor logo has been shifted to a new location for the convenience of users. Apply button has been provided to save the edits and changes made, instantly. Other major bugs in the software have also been fixed. 

Editor’s Review:

There is no doubt that the Movavi Video Suite Business is one of the best video makers and editors. The software can be of great help for businesses as well as marketers who provide business improvement services to their clients. Getting videos created with the help of a professional editor for business will help in marketing, sales, and managing different aspects of the business. All the important tools required to promote the business have been included in this edition. Edit the video using Movavi Video Suite Business and ensure the growth of your business. 

Features and Highlights

The main attractions of the professional video editing software are:

  • Specific Filters for Businesses- All the filters provided in the software are specifically designed for the growth of your business. The filters are professional and can provide a promotive edge to your video. 
  • Create a Video from Anything- The user can pick a video from the system storage, shoot a live one, create a slideshow of photos, or any other source and create and edit the video appropriately for the business. 
  • Various Editing Features- using the video suite, the user can upgrade the quality and stabilize shaky videos. Numerous other filters and features have been provided keeping in mind the business growth motive. 
  • Transitions and Effects- Video editing effects and transition modes have been provided in the software by the makers that can edit the files of different formats and resolutions. 
  • Text Editing- The software allows the user to include intros and informative text in between the video. Text editing can provide a very powerful approach to the video. 
  • Share on Multiple Platforms- A lot of businesses like to upload videos to social media or other video-sharing platforms to get attention. The software allows you to save or share the video created directly from the editor. 
  • Media Library- No need to worry about the videos getting lost as the software has a built-in media library that saves all your projects automatically. The videos can be later retrieved through the Movavi account. 

Pros of Movavi Video Suite Business

The following advantages of the software will motivate you to get one for your PC:

  • Helps in improving business but getting more attention 
  • Multiple designs and filters to choose from
  • Detailed templates fully focused on business model
  • Supports multiple languages and formats

Cons of Movavi Video Suite Business:

The following cons of the software can be a major downer for the user:

  • May not have all the advanced features
  • The free version does not provide all features

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The main difference between both editions are:

Free Edition Premium Edition
Only a few of the features are accessible All the features are accessible
Can not be used for more than 14 daysCan be used for eternity
Trail watermark can not be removedWatermark can be removed
Only half of the audio is savedFull audio can be saved
Can only record screen for five minutesCan capture screen for much greater periods
Audio recording time is limited to two minutesAudio can be recorded for desired interval

Bottom Line:

Personalized videos help in the growth and taking businesses to new levels. With the help of Movavi Video Suite Business, users can create an attractive video for their businesses to bring more generates. The single program provides multiple screen recording, editing, and converting features to the user which helps in generating the best results. Download Movavi Video Suite Business for free and take your business to top levels. 


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