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Movavi Photo Manager

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Movavi Photo Manager
Jun 27, 2019
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows / Windows 7 / Windows XP

Description about Movavi Photo Manager

Movavi Photo Manager was updated to version on Jun 27, 2019 by the developers for Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows / Windows 7 / Windows XP users. Movavi Photo Manager is a photo organizing software that allows the user to sort all the pictures according to their preferences. You can easily manage your digital collection with the help of this software. You just have to add the desired pictures in the software and then it will sort the pictures according to date or geodata or both. The software also provides an option to tag pictures under various heads. The built-in search option of the software helps in finding specific photos easily. The user can also add all the desired photos in the ‘favorites’ section. The basic editing tools of the software can edit one or more pictures at a time. The unsorted tab of the software helps in finding all the pictures that have not been tagged or sorted in any other way. The review of Movavi Photo Manager is very good. Download Movavi Photo Manager free version and sort all your images at once. 

What’s New in this version of Movavi Photo Manager

The developers have done a great job in updating the software to a more compatible tool. The software has been updated with a facial recognition tagging function that sorts all images related to a single person into a single folder. The user can rename this folder accordingly, helping you in finding the required photos quickly. The software now enables the user to back up pictures, tags, places, or any other folder to protect them from any kind of loss. The image search option of the software has been optimized. Now the user can search for any image by entering the name of the object present in the picture in the search bar. The software will disclose all the desired pictures very quickly. The archive folder in the software has been renamed to the ‘Recently Deleted’. The only negative thing about the new update of the software is that it does not support Windows XP or Windows Vista anymore. Other minor bugs as present in the older versions have now been fixed. 

Editor’s Review

A wide range of photo organizers is available for users but why the Movavi Photo Manager is trusted by so many is because of its optimal organizing tools. Apart from organizing, the software also allows the user to edit one or more photos at once. You can export the whole album or any particular photo to the system storage all through a single click. The software allows the user to manage photos of different formats including JPG, RAW, and many others. Moreover, the software helps in finding duplicate photos, saving the storage of the user. 

Features and Highlights:

The main attributes of the photo organizing software are:

  • Organize Photos- The main feature of the software is that it helps the user in organizing and managing the photos present in the storage. The photos are organized by the software automatically. 
  • Sorting Through Facial Recognition- The built-in facial recognition tool of the software helps in organizing the photos according to the person present in the picture. The user can rename the folder created from the photos of a particular person, accordingly. 
  • Tags for Pictures- The software allows the user to tag the desired photos under various heads. The user can either select a tag from the software or create a new one of his own. 
  • GeoLocation- Want to sort the images according to location? No problem, the photo managing software provides an option to sort the images according to the location they were clicked or generated in. 
  • Duplicate Photo Manager- Movavi Photo Manager also provides an option to find similar images from the system. The user can either edit such pictures or delete the unwanted ones accordingly. The user can scan for and delete duplicate pictures from the storage or those added in the software. 
  • Photo Editing- The picture managing software allows the user to edit one or more pictures all at once. The user can crop, flip, rotate, sharpen, or edit the picture in many different ways as he wants. 
  • Backup- The software allows the user to backup the image archive of the user containing all the images, tags, and locations so that these can be restored as and when needed. 

Pros of Movavi Photo Manager:

The major advantages of the photo managing software are:

  • Edit multiple photos at once
  • User-friendly interface comprehensive for everyone
  • Automatically sorts the images 
  • Works on low system requirements
  • Create backup of the images 

Cons of Movavi Photo Manager:

The major disadvantages of the photo managing software are:

  • The trial version can only be used for three days
  • The latest version does not support older versions of Windows
  • Advanced editing features are missing

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The main points of difference between the free and paid versions are:

Free Edition Premium Edition
Few of the features are accessibleAll the features are accessible
Can not create a backupCan create backups
The free version can only be used for 3 daysThe paid version can be used for a lifetime
Can not be upgraded if installedCan be upgraded as soon as the update arrives

Bottom Line:

Movavi Photo Manager can be a very good option for organizing photos on PC. The software can automatically enhance, resize, sharpen, rotate, or edit the pictures as required. If the user has Movavi Photo Editor on the system, he can easily switch to that for more advanced options of editing. The slideshow mode of the software helps in displaying all the pictures as a slideshow. Other different modes present in the software make organizing easy for the user. Download Movavi Photo Manager free version and organize your photos effectively.


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