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Latest Version
Mouse Jiggler 1.8.35
Open Source
May 17, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about Mouse Jiggler

The creators at Mouse Jiggler released the updated version of Mouse Jiggler for Windows 1.8.35 for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 users on May 17, 2020. Mouse Jiggler is a little piece of software designed to simulate little movements of the mouse and thus, stop screensavers from displaying up, even after you don't seem to be in front of your PC. Whereas screensavers could also be a good addition to your desktop and have the role of protecting older monitors, the reality is that they will be an issue when you need to watch a film or longer video. However, the great news is that you can manage a stubborn screensaver that keeps launching at unseasonable moments with an easy click. The application doesn't need setup, therefore you'll be able to begin using it as soon as you download it to your system. Moreover, it doesn't need a configuration and all it requires is to activate the jiggle function and permit the app to perform what it is built for. 

What is New in the Latest Version of Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler reviews will help you understand in-depth the updated version and added features in the software. With every update, there are some bugs that are fixed, improvements made which makes the tool more enhanced and user-friendly. Mouse Jiggler has updated its command-line options which allow changing settings to different modes according to the user preference. Seconds parameter for time accuracy and tray for notifications is added, along with updated readme feature. The Time interval of the cursor can be controlled via the settings page. The interface is simply built for users to use the software without installation and putting in any extra effort. 

Editors Review

Mouse Jiggler software is the best tool for easy stimulation of mouse movements. It is free to use and facilitates stopping programs that launch while there is no activity on the screen, like your screensaver, from running. Mouse Jiggler could be a handy utility that keeps your PC putting effort to touch the mouse. Windows typically launch your screensaver or move into a default power-saving mode when it’s been a while of inactivity. This puts your PC to sleep or turns off the display altogether. Of course, you'll be able to manually modify these settings, however, it will become arduous after you only want changed settings for intermittent tasks. This Windows tool primarily fools your PC into staying awake. It’s helpful and reliable whenever you wish to watch a show, hear music, or type and monitor different long actions. The app permits you to do such tasks without your screensaver or power-saving mode interrupting you. Impressive right. 

Features and Highlights

Now manage stubborn screensavers with these features 

  • Prevent idleness- Now no more worrying about the idle screen, with this application you can still continue to work while the software is running in the background. 
  • Work simultaneously- When the software is enabled you can still continue to work, play or watch movies without interruptions. 
  • No installation is required- Just download this lightweight software and you are ready to go without any further installation. 
  • Modes and settings- Through the command-line option, you can change a setting to Zen mode which will perform duty without letting the cursor move. 
  • Say bye to interruptions-  With no more screensavers and sleep mode, you can be most effective without any interruptions.
  • Customize app- Through the settings page, you can customize the functions of the mouse for the app, according to your preference. 
  • Disables Auto-lock- The auto-lock is automatically disabled by the tool if the app is in On and activated. 

Pros of Mouse Jiggler

  • No need for installation
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to sue
  • Control of screensavers
  • Prevents idle-detection
  • Unobtrusive 
  • Effective and free

Cons of Mouse Jiggler

  • No autorun support
  • No startup support
  • only a single choice of language

Bottom Line

Mouse Jiggler software could be an easy tool by which you will be able to simulate the activity of your mouse, thus you will no longer see your screen saver, and your computer isn’t placed into hibernation. The tool offers two choices for the same: the traditional movement, with which we are going to see the cursor move on the screen, and "zen" mode, which is a primarily identical factor, however, avoids showing the movement. The free software Mouse Jiggler is a remarkable application that can be used for free, you can also try toggling your screen saver often on and off. The Mouse Juggler does not use much space on your system's drive, it does not need installation, and it's a handy useful resource. 


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