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Aug 16, 2021
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Ludo Ninja Version 1.2012.01 Download to play Classic Online Multiplayer Game

Do you like board games? If the answer is yes, you are surely going to enjoy Ludo Ninja, as it is based on the game most of us have grown up playing. It brings the same old fun of Ludo to your mobile screen. 

Moreover, Ludo Ninja is among the easiest to play free online multiplayer board games available currently. Before downloading the game, if you want a sneak peek of its features and other details, continue reading this Ludo Ninja online game review. 

Before we start reviewing the game deeply, let’s first understand what changes and improvements make Ludo Ninja's new version a hit among the millennials. 

What’s New in Ludo Ninja 

Following changes and additions make the latest version of Ludo Ninja an attention-worthy free online game. 

  • A cool and attractive new format
  • Bug fixes 

With a revamped format Ludo Ninja gained immense popularity. Our editor also played this hugely popular game and has some specific views on it. Let’s talk about the same in the next section. 

Editor’s review 

Most of us have spent our childhood playing board games like Ludo with friends and family. However, as we grew up, we lost that fun somewhere in life. But online multiplayer games like Ludo Ninja help you relive those good old days again. 

You can download Ludo Ninja APK for Android to play this favorite game of yours with your dear ones or strangers sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Further, the game becomes even more enjoyable when you can earn money (by bringing more people to the board) on Ludo Ninja. Yes, playing and earning go hand in hand in this game. 

In addition to this, several other features of this game make playing Ludo a whole lot more exciting and Ludo Ninja a worth downloading app. Let’s take a look at them. 

Features of Ludo Ninja 

Below wonderful features of the online game Ludo Ninja make it a wise decision to download its free APK. 

Free-to-play online multiplayer

One of the best features is that Ludo Ninja is a free-to-download game that you can play online. However, you must always be connected to the internet to play the game. 

Round-the-clock ludo 

No matter what time of the day or night it is, you can make fond memories with your friends and family bonding over a game of Ludo on your phone. And, it also allows you to play ludo tournaments 24*7. 

Earn while playing 

As said earlier, the option to earn some extra money (in rupees) makes Ludo Ninja one of the most downloaded games. You can earn by referring more people to the application and playing with random online. However, you must win against three opponents before starting earning money. The money you make on this app is withdrawable to your bank account. 

Quick and no-dice game 

Another feature because of which you should download Ludo Ninja APK for Android is that it does not involve dice spinning, making the gameplay a lot quicker. 

The above features tempt users to download the Ludo Ninja APK for Android. However, there are certain pros and cons of this game that you must consider before downloading it. In the following section of our Ludo Ninja online game review, we mention the same. 

Pros and cons of Ludo Ninja 

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Ludo Ninja, significantly impacting the decision to download this online multiplayer board game. 

Pros of Ludo Ninja 

Following are the good things about the Ludo Ninja game for which you can consider downloading it. 

  • You get a free bonus of 10 rupees on signing up
  • Fascinating no dice concept 
  • Easy to play game
  • Knocks a player out after limited moves, making the game quicker

Cons of Ludo Ninja 

Now, let’s look at the shortcomings of Ludo Ninja that force users to give the idea to download its APK a second thought. 

  • Unavailable on the Play Store 
  • Minimum 60 rupees needed to withdraw

These were some good and not-so-good things about Ludo Ninja. Now, let’s answer some frequently asked questions so that you can decide whether you should download the game or not. 

Frequently asked questions 

Below we answer some common questions related to the free-to-download game Ludo Ninja. 

Q1. How to download Ludo Ninja?

Ludo Ninja is a fun online multiplayer game you can download from its official website (beware of imposters, pretending to be authentic websites) or safely from our portal. 

Q2. Is adding money on Ludo Ninja safe? 

You should be very cautious when adding money to any online platform. However, we have not come across or heard about any cases of fraud with this application as it uses secure payment methods. 

Q3. Why is Ludo Ninja unavailable on the Play Store?

Google does not allow the listing of any cash contest application on its Play Store. Hence, you won’t find Ludo Ninja or other similar apps there. 

Q4. Is playing Ludo Ninja legal?

Playing Ludo Ninja is not illegal as it is a skill-based game. You can download Ludo Ninja for free and play it without any worries. 

Q5. Who made Ludo Ninja?

Ludo Ninja is an Indian application developed by Cashgrail Private Limited. 

Q6. Is Ludo Ninja free?

You will be happy to know that Ludo Ninja is a free game you can download on your Android phone. 

Final thoughts about the Ludo Ninja online game

Above we shared our honest views about the free online multiplayer board game, Ludo Ninja. To sum up our thoughts, we think that you should download the Ludo Ninja APK if board games fascinate you, but you are looking for a more convenient, fun, and quick version of the traditional ludo game. 

However, since the game is not available on the Play Store, you should download it from a reliable portal, like ours. Otherwise, you may end up risking your phone’s security and exposing it to hackers. 

For more game reviews and safe download links, keep checking this portal regularly. 


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