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Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word 2019
Oct 10, 2020
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Description about Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor across the world. The software has the ability to create the most engaging documents. It fulfills all the required tools for processing documents and files professionally. Moreover, Microsoft Word has advanced technologies that boost the quality of your document. That said, the developers at Microsoft have come with the 2019 on [date] for the users of Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7. Thus, the review of Microsoft Word is impressive so far. You should download Microsoft Word as it has a 5 day trial period, you can choose to see how well it works for you. 

The software makes sure to provide all the necessary tools to the user in one place. For convenience, a user with the Office 365 subscription can access any Word document from any device. The powerful tools fit right into your writing task requirements.  The users are also allowed to share or collaborate with other users in real-time. It gets every job done from creating to sharing. 

What’s new in Microsoft Word

As compared to the older versions of Microsoft Word has successfully managed to overcome most of its issues. All of the bugs and errors are completely fixed with the new update. Features like AutoSummarize, multi-user collaboration, WordArt, and many more of them are added for providing the best service to the users. Additionally, it is highly compatible with other Office Suite applications. 

The software provides all the necessary features to make your document or file look professional. It supports other users to make the changes in your document if you choose to share it with them. 

Editor’s Review:

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Word is the best word processor people use across the world. It comes with most convenient tools and features that does not create complexity for the users. It is not just restricted to writers, but for the users who like to draw illustrations and write equations also. Word has a learning tool that helps you with reading comprehension. It has certain features for every individual tool to make the task easier. 

However, it does require a huge memory space. You may find it difficult to move the images on the document. Otherwise, it is worth it. It has the perfect interface which makes it easy for the user to understand the features of the application. 

Features and highlights:

  • New templates: Easy document creation with a wide range of customizable templates. 
  • Multi-user collaboration and sharing: Office 365 Suit allows the user to share the documents with the other users and let them make changes in it.
  • Chart: Visualize data that provides the user with valuable insights. It comes with full support for imports from MS Excel. 
  • Supports various image formats: to enhance your documents, Microsoft Word supports all the common image formats. 
  • AutoSummarize: it automatically highlights the passages that are valuable. 
  • Flawless text document management: it successfully manages the creation, editing, exporting and sharing/collaborating of  any sized document.
  • Supports add-ons: improves the capabilities of the Word editor with an enormous number of external add-ons. 

Pros of using Microsoft Word:

The main advantages are mentioned below:

  • Advanced and intelligent writing technologies
  • Supports every platform
  • Highly compatible with other Office Suite applications
  • Upto 1TB worth of space in OneDrive cloud storage
  • Has a 5-day trial

Cons of using Microsoft Word:

The disadvantages of using Word are as follows:

  • Needs spacious memory
  • Gets difficult to move images on the document
  • Paid application

Bottom Line: 

Microsoft Word is an ideal software for carrying out polished documents professionally. It has newly added features that are useful and makes the work much easier. The application lets you share your documents with other users in real-time. Plenty of features are given to get every job done from creating to sharing and collaborating in one place. 

However, it occupies a huge memory space. This might be troublesome for some users. Otherwise, Microsoft Word is a great word processor. You should consider it as it has a 5-day trial period. Buy the entire subscription if it works for you. Hence, the review of Microsoft Word is pretty impressive. You should download the application on your PCs and take a 5day trial. 


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