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Joy Pony APK 1.0.11
Jul 16, 2021
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Android 6.0 and Above

Free Download Joy Pony APK 1.0.11 for Android

Sometimes, we wish to have a cute little pet that can be a great companion for good and bad times. If you also want the same, but it is not possible to have one in the real world, you can download Joy Pony APK to be a pet parent virtually.

Joy Pony is a game where you need to take care of an innocent pony. The cute pony that you find in a box remains happy when you bathe it, feed it, and spend your time playing with it. 

Now, if you are ready to be a pony's caretaker, you can read this Joy Pony game review to understand it well. 

To begin with, let’s have a look at what the latest version of Joy Pony APK adds to the already existing game features, making it attention-worthy. 

What’s New in Joy Pony APK

Here is all that the new version of Joy Pony APK for Android brings to make the pony even more attractive, cuter, and entertaining. 

  • Bug fixes
  • Friendlier interface
  • Speed improvements 

The above changes make the Joy Pony game even more exciting than its earlier versions. While playing the game, our editor made some notable observations about it. Below we share them. 

Editor’s review 

Taking care of a pet demands a lot of time and effort. Hence, many of us may not have one despite wanting a cute furry companion. However, you can pet a pony virtually through the Joy Pony APK for Android. 

In this game, you find an adorable pony inside a box on a day of heavy rain. The pony is dirty, wailing with pain and hunger. It needs a good bath, food, and medicines to be at its healthier self again. 

After you clean and treat the pony with food and medicines, you can play with it, rub its back to put it to sleep to make it happy. And if ever your pony misbehaves, you can cut or hit it as a form of punishment (something a pet parent would never do in the real world). 

Now, what if suddenly you think this pony is not the kind of pet you wanted? Well, in that case, you can customize your pony’s color, eyes, and hair to your liking. 

Having read the above description, you may think playing this game is just so easy. Well, it is not as simple as you might think to keep the pony happy, healthy, and disciplined. Each level needs you to overcome new and tough challenges to prove yourself the best pet parent. 

Talking about the game features, they are exciting enough to keep you hooked for long hours. Let’s go through them in detail. 

Features of Joy Pony 

The following Joy Pony game features bring a joyous smile to the face of everyone playing the game. 

Talk to the pony

Do you play games such as Talking Tom? If yes, this game may give you a similar feel as it lets you talk to the pony. You can share your thoughts and feelings with your newfound virtual pet friend and also know about how the pony feels. 

Feed the pet

Delicious food keeps everyone happy, and your pony is no exception. You need to feed it with tasty and nutritious food (that includes milk and desserts) to keep it in the best of health and happiness. 

Keep the pony safe and healthy

It is your responsibility to care for the pony by earning in-game coins. You can spend the coins to keep the pony safe and heal it from all ailments. 

Until now, it seems like a good decision to download the Joy Pony game APK. But is it really the game you should devote your time and energy to? Let’s take a look at the game’s pros and cons to answer your question. 

Pros and cons of Joy Pony game

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of this game that you should consider before downloading it. 


Following is the brighter side of the Joy Pony. 

  • Attractive visuals 
  • Gameplay seems familiar 


Below is Joy Pony’s not-so-bright side. 

  • No English setting options
  • Not-so-smooth controls

Concluding thoughts about the Joy Pony game 

We think it is a wise decision to download Joy Pony APK if having a pet is on your wishlist. Pony is the best virtual pet you can have to prepare for the real-life adventure of becoming a pet parent. 

However, you should not download the game from unreliable sources as it may risk your phone’s security. To stay safe from malware attacks and hacking attempts, you can get it from our portal. 

We will post another review soon. Until then, we wish you a happy time with the pony. 


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