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Auslogics Windows Slimmer
Mar 29, 2020
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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Description about Auslogics Windows Slimmer

Auslogics Windows Slimmer is a utility software that trims down the unwanted processes running on PCs. Your computer tends to slow down due to unused programs, ineffective default settings, active options, and inactive systems. Recently, the developers at Auslogics Windows Slimmer have come with on Mar 29, 2020 for the users of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. Due to the upgrade, the review of Windows Slimmer has improved and you should download it for free to see how it works for you.

This software helps to eliminate the stagnant processes to save disk space and your system’s resources. The users can choose to remove bloatware components and programs. By doing so, the driver’s impact on the PC is minimized. Even the memory and CPU power are reduced and any unknown data transmission is also prevented.

What’s new in Auslogics Windows Slimmer

The new version of Auslogics Windows Slimmer has come with noticeable improvements. Firstly, the complex and troublesome interface is now way simpler. All the minor issues in the interface of this application are successfully solved. Secondly, the bugs that hindered its performance are completely eliminated. 

The illegal transmission of data can easily be stopped with this new version. It makes your computer more efficient and reliable. Additionally, it now has a one-time maintenance option as well. 

Editor’s Review:

Windows Slimmer gives you an easy way to eliminate unnecessary Windows components, tweak settings and uninstall apps. This makes your system’s footprints on your drive smaller to reduce the amount of memory. Also the CPU power those components use and secure your privacy by restricting unwanted data transmission. Ultimately making your computer more efficient. 

However, it may conflict with other programs on your PC. And it may add extra tools with the user’s permission. The user might also have to manually remove the bloatware by themselves. Otherwise, it is a useful tool to optimize your computer to work faster. 

Features and Highlights:

  • Faster scanning engine: This program does the fastest scan to detect the unwanted apps and Windows components and remove them right away.
  • Simple interface: The user does not have to go through complicated processes to get the job done. Rather it makes sure to detect and remove unwanted apps and more within seconds.
  • Secures your system: It protects your privacy by preventing unnecessary transmission of data. 
  • Cleanup options: The advanced features in the latest version have various options to clean up your device.
  • Saves disk space: Windows slimmer saves disk space by removing all the unnecessary apps and Windows components.
  • Saves resources: It makes sure to save resources of your system and improves the performance of your entire system.

Pros of using Auslogics Windows Slimmer

The main perks of using Windows Slimmer are as follows:

  • Removes unnecessary applications
  • Saves system resources
  • Saves disk space
  • Restricts illegal data transmission
  • Improves PC’s performance 

Cons of using Windows Slimmer

The disadvantages of Auslogics Windows Slimmer are mentioned below:

  • Conflicts with other programs
  • Adds extra tools
  • Users have to manually remove bloatware
Free VersionPaid Version
No regular maintenanceTimely maintenance
No extended priority supportHas extended priority support
No notifications settings control optionHas notification settings control option
No smart feature to maximize spaceHas a smart feature to maximize space

Bottom Line:

Auslogics Windows Slimmer is a safe and simple application that removes unwanted Windows components and programs. It also tweaks settings to make the OS’s footprint on the drive smaller. Additionally, it reduces the amount of CPU power and memory and protects the privacy of the user by restricting unneeded data transmission. It runs a deep cleanup that ultimately leads to a better working system.

However, it might add extra tools to your system. Not only this but it might interfere with other applications on your system. Otherwise, Auslogics Windows slimmer is a reliable application if you wish to clean up your system entirely. Hence, the review of Auslogics Windows Slimmer is moderate. You should download it and enjoy its benefits to clean up your device.


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