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Latest Version
Among Us 2021.4.2
Apr 02, 2021
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System Requirements
Windows 10 64bit / Windows 8.1 64bit / Windows 8 64bit / Windows 7 64bit

Description about Among Us

Innersloth LLC introduced the updated version of Among Us viz. 2021.4.2 on Apr 02, 2021 for the Windows 10 64bit / Windows 8.1 64bit / Windows 8 64bit / Windows 7 64bit users. The 2D multiplayer game, Among Us, is based on a science fictional environment in which the players are required to keep the space ship intact and away from failure before it is destroyed. Apart from that, the players are also required to find the shape-shifting alien(s) who has entered as an imposter. The gameplay is quite exciting as the imposter tries to kill the crew members and they have to survive as well as maintain the health of the ship. 

What’s New in this Version of Among Us

The major update in the game is that now the votes will appear in grey to maintain anonymity. The security logs in the game will be cleared after comms are destroyed. The developers have added more symbols, fixing the wires task. New cosmetics are being added to the meeting screen. Different taskbar modes have also been added to the game (Always Mode- Normal Bar, Meeting Mode- Visible during meetings, and Invisible Mode- Never visible). A support feature has also been added for the colourblind. Various other bug fixes have also been made. 

Editor’s Review

If you are wondering as a parent as to whether you should allow the game to be installed on your kid’s desktop or not, then you have nothing to worry about. The app does not collect any private data. It shows ads to the users but those are harmless. The game uses a censor to hide all the swear words while chatting with other players. The game is quite safe and fun to play with. There is no free version of the game but it is not that expensive. The users are required to purchase one from Steam. Download and install the full and latest version of the online game and enjoy.

Features and Highlights

The main attractions of the game are:

  • Interesting Gameplay- The gameplay of Among Us is quite interesting. You could be assigned as a crewmate or an imposter and you have to maintain your anonymity. All this brings excitement and joy to the players. 
  • Fast Gameplay- The gameplay of Among Us is quite fast as compared to other multiplayer games. The game is 2D, yet quite enticing and does not require much graphics to run. 
  • Different Tactics- There are different ways through which any game can be finished. Either the imposter will be caught or he will kill all the crewmates or the spaceship will last for even more time. Anything can happen, providing no definite end to match. 
  • Cross-Play- As the game is available for different platforms like PC and android, the developers of the game have enabled a cross-play feature that allows the gamers from every platform to cross-play with each other. 
  • Simple Design- The developers of the game have designed the game to be simple yet attractive and fun to play with. Different surprise tasks and innovative tactics keep the players engulfed in the game. 
  • Customization- The gamers can customize the suit skin and the hat design of their player. The players can choose one from a variety of designs. 

Pros of Among Us

The following benefits of the game will make you install it right ways:

  • Play with the gamers from different countries 
  • The size of the game is quite small
  • No definite end of the game is thrilling
  • Easy to join lobbies of the game
  • The game is quite smooth and can run on minimum requirements 

Cons of Among Us

The following flaws the game can be disappointing:

  • No built-in voice chat for the players to talk
  • Outbooted from the lobby for using third party chatting apps
  • More game modes should be present to make it more exciting
  • Players can only customise suit and hat

Bottom Line

If you like playing multiplayer games, Among Us can be a great alternative. The game can run on minimum requirements, so users who do not have an enriched PC RAM and graphics can also install and enjoy the game. There is no fixed end of any match in the game which makes it quite thrilling and engaging. The popularity of the game is increasing by the day and is one of the most downloaded games. You can install and play the game through Steam. The light weightiness of the game makes it easy to download and smooth in run. The healthy competition among the players can be very exciting for the gamers. 


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