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Latest Version
EasyBCD 2.4
Dec 11, 2018
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about EasyBCD

EasyBCD is a utility software that keeps your system maintained. It also allows the users to take charge of their Windows BCD bootloader and configure a dual boot among any two versions of Windows OSs. Recently, the developers at EasyBCD have come with 2.4 on Dec 11, 2018 for the users of Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10. Due to the update, the reviews of this software have improved significantly. You should download the latest version of EasyBCD and see what benefits it has to offer. 

Additionally, this program is known to be the best tool for repairing the corrupted multiboot sequences. It even gets you back the misplaced Windows XP boot sequence that was lost due to the effects of different recovery tools, antivirus or Windows services. 

What’s New in EasyBCD

The new update in EasyBCD has brought a significant amount of change in the application. A lot of fixes are made to keep the application going smoothly. On the other hand, some additions are also made to enhance the user-experience. New additions like autocompletion to every path textboxes, capability to enable/disable hypervisor case for records and many more. Additionally, now the support for high-DPI and custom SWF high-DPI is now available. Moreover, all the minor bugs are completely eliminated from the application. 

Editor’s Review

EasyBCD is known to be a safe service utility tool that alerts you dual boot on your computer and repair to Windows BCD bootloader. You can also choose to use this app for creating backups of required entries. Not only this but you are allowed to create bootable ISO images, USBs and more for when you need to fix your computer. Nevertheless, if you do so, you will miss the bonuses of having a UEFI-based PC.

Furthermore, it carries an unattractive interface. As EasyBCD is specially made for professionals, primary developers and computer maintenance specialists so it didn't really put much effort on the look of the application. However, the application is pretty easy to operate and categorised in the best way.

Features and Highlights

  • Repair boot errors: This application quickly fixes all the issues that have renamed or erased entries in your boot sequence. 
  • Bootable: EasyBCD can handle OS versions from any program manufacturer  and from any source including USB, local storage, and more.
  • Editable multiboot service: This software can control renaming, adding, reordering and configuring boot entries easily. 
  • Restore and backup boot settings: You can choose to create restore and backup points for the customization you have made in EasyBCD.
  • Troubleshoot problems: This tool solves issues like plaguing the Windows multiboot service, backup and fix bootloader and more to keep the system running.

Pros of using EasyBCD

The perks of using this software are given below:

  • Straightforward interface
  • Creates backup tools
  • Creates recovery programs
  • Bootable

Cons of using EasyBCD

The limitations of using this software are given below that you should consider before installing it:

  • Might cause errors if used incorrectly
  • Suitable for professionals only\

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is safe to say that EasyBCD is an excellent freeboot loading repair management and multiboot program that are highly recommended for Windows PCs. Rather than maintaining the Windows boot systems through the command line, this software substitutes it with a clean and elegant UI. all of your entries will be edited in just a couple of clicks. 

Additionally, EasyBCD comes with some useful features to recover your disk data. If your PC ever gets corrupted, you can easily boot into a recovery tool to restore your Windows system. Hence, the review of this software is impressive enough to give it a shot at least. So without any further ado, download EasyBCD on your Windows 10 devices for free and see how it can help you and your system. 


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