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W32DASM 8.93
Jul 26, 1998
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Windows (All Versions)

Download W32DASM (Latest Version 8.93) the Best Disassembler for Windows PC

W32DASM is known to be great code management and disassembler program. It helps you with standard-to-experience programming knowledge to reverse codes that have been compiled by the engineer. It also ensures to take complicated files and discover the inner secrets of the primary programming language. To know more read the review along and download W32DASM latest version on your Windows 10.

What’s new?

The new update in W32DASM has tons of new enhancements, additions, and changes that have made it better. The full changelog is as follows:

  • MMX is now fixed and a few 32 and 63-bit instructions are decoded.
  • Code Patcher Assembler Feature is added. 
  • Changes in CPU registers and flag displays are made.
  • A checkbox is added to force all rep steps to ‘STEP THRU’ and in ‘STEP INTO’ mode.
  • The enable/disable for ‘Command-Line Options Dialog Box’ in Debugger Options is added. 
  • “LPSYSTEMTIME” decoded in API Details logic is added. 

Editor’s review

With the help of W32DASM, one can open .exe, .com, .drv, .ocx, .386, .cpl, .fon, .vbx and more files to study their code efficiently. It allows the user to save the disassembly text and design project files. It then simply attaches it to the active 32-bit process to the debugger and loads the same disassembled executable file further. 

Additionally, the user can even text search option, set the disassembler listing at the recent instruction pointer, turn on the break on load and simply unload DLL, peril creation, and exit. One of the best things that come in handy with this software is that it allows jumps and calls to execute pretty quickly. 

Moreover, W32DASM lets you search alphabetical function lists that are being imported/exported to the disassembler. It also manages to search the disassembly for additional string data.

As far as its customization ability is concerned, the user can easily configure the font settings for a start. Plus the keyboard hotkeys have the support for all the significant commands. However, they can not be changed into anything new. 

Note: W32DASM has been officially discontinued. 

Features and Highlights

To understand better, we have provided with the usability of W32DASM’s features and other benefits that it offers:

Disassembles Both 32 and 16 Bit Windows Programs

One of its primary functions is disassembling. It essentially translates all these executable files to assembly language. You will be able to do so in both 32 and 16 Bit versions with ease. 

Integrated Debugger

Another interesting and helpful feature that W32DASM has to offer is the debugger. This one is specially designed for a 32-bit program. However, you might not be able to find a suitable debugger for 16 bit in this application. 

Text Search and Navigation

W32DASM can easily let its users search via the search text option to make the process much easier. It also guides you through the next step smoothly. Plus the additional navigation options are a great help. 

Pros of using W32DASM

The following are the perks of using this disassembler:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Various search options
  • import/export available

Cons of using W32DASM

The limitations of this software that you might come across:

  • Outdated

Common Queries

To know more about this software, please refer to the segment below:

Q1. Is W32DASM safe to use?

According to various reviews, W32DASM has not received any updates in a long time but it is still safe to use as a disassembler. 

Q2. Is W32DASM free?

Yes, W32DASM is free to use disassembler for the user who has an internet in reverse engineering. 

Q3. How do I download and install W32DASM?

To do so, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the download button mentioned above. 
  • Once the download is complete, double click on the W32DASM installation file.
  • Now, follow the instructions that appear on your screen and launch the application on your PC.

Q4. What are the alternatives to W32DASM?

The following are the best alternatives to this software:

  • DeDe
  • JAD
  • JD-GUI

Hence, W32DASM is a great application to use as a disassembler. However, it has not received updates in quite a long time. It works perfectly fine on Windows 10 though. It allows the files to disassemble easily while the program stays light on system resources. Download the latest version of W32DASM on your Windows PC now.


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