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Latest Version
VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.4
Dec 19, 2019
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System Requirements
Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10

Description about VisualBoyAdvance-M

VisualBoyAdvance-M is known to be an upgraded spear from the latent VBA project. They have managed to have a wide range of features as well as maintaining an updated codebase. The last update was made by the developers at VisualBoyAdvance-M i.e. 2.1.4 for the users of Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10 on [date]. Due to the update, the reviews of this emulator have surprisingly improved significantly. If you are looking for an emulator for GameBoy, then you should download VisualBoyAdvance-M and explore its amazing features. 

The VBA-M emulator came into existence after the VisualBoyAdvance became inactive and various forks started to appear including VBALink. That’s when VisualBoyAdvance was curated and created that managed to merge a wide range of the fork into a single codebase. Henceforth, the M in VBA-M holds for ‘Merge’.

What’s new in VisualBoyAdvance-M?

There are a few changes that were seen after the last update of VisualBoyAdvance. It now has the ability to export/import features of primary saved games to and from other similar emulators. Most of the bugs that hindered the performance of the software are completely removed. Plus stable support for Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2 has been seen. Not only this but now the user can play their favorite game using a joystick.

Editor’s review:

This improved extended version of VisualBoyAdvance has an excellent set of features that will make up a reliable emulator. All this time, it has managed to maintain a modified codebase. It is highly compatible with GameBoy and Game Boy Advance and GameBoy ROMs. Additionally, there is certainly an import/export option that allows the player to transfer primary saved games to and from other emulators. Not only it fulfills the transferring requirements but it also carries full support for ‘save state’. Now the users can choose to play their PC games using a joystick as well.

Moreover, this emulator manages to merge various forks into a single codebase. The auto-fire support and speed-up key make things much easier for the user. One of the most interesting things about this emulator is that it has graphics filters including Super 2xSal, Super Eagle, Motion blur, and more to improve the display of the game. Plus, several other supports are available in VBA-M to make it stand out. 

Features and Highlights

  • High compatibility: This efficient emulator has stable compatibility for Game Boy Color, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance ROMs. 
  • Graphics filters: If you wish to enhance the graphics of any given game you’re playing. VBA-M makes it possible for you. Filters like 2xSal, Super Eagle, Super 2xSal, Pixelate, and more. 
  • IPS Patching: This emulator allows the user to patch ROM and disk images in real-time.
  • Export/Import: The user can choose to import/export the features of primary games to and from other emulators with ease. 
  • Hacking and debugging option: The player is provided with a few useful debugging and hacking tools like loggers, editors, and viewers.
  • Video and Audio recording: One of the best features of the software is that it can let you record the audio and video of any given game while playing. 

Pros of using VisualBoyAdvance-M

The following are the perks of using this emulation software:

  • Support for Full-Screen
  • Joystick support
  • Easy-to-use
  • Screen-capture options
  • Import and export tools
  • High compatibility

Cons of using VisualBoyAdvance-M

The shortcomings that you will face while using this emulation tool are mentioned right below:

  • Buffers
  • Exposed to Arbitrary code execution

Bottom line:

To conclude, it is safe to say that VisualBoyAdvance is an excellent emulator that carries support for almost everything you might need. This emulation program provides an uninterrupted gaming experience. Its compatibility with various gaming bots is outstanding. Additionally, the real-time IPS patching happens to be a great success. Not only this but the players can now choose to play games using a joystick. 

However, the VBA-M is prone to arbitrary code execution that ultimately leads to buffering. Overall, the emulator does the job pretty well while making sure to provide the player with the best gaming experience. Hence, the reviews of this emulation software seem to be convincing. If it interests you as well, then download VisualBoyAdvance-M and enjoy playing uninterrupted.


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