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Vista Codec Package 7.2.0
Aug 31, 2020
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Windows XP / Vista / XP64 / Vista64

Description about Vista Codec Package

Vista Codec Package is a comprehensive codec pack that manages to come with all the video and audio files you would ever require to open any multimedia file. It also makes sure to remove any sort of compatibility issues as well. Recently, the developers at Vista Codec Package have come with [version] on Aug 31, 2020 for the users of Windows XP / Vista / XP64 / Vista64. Due to it, the reviews of this software have improved to a certain extent which is appreciable. To see what the praise is all about, download the Vista Codec Package and see it yourself. 

As the name suggests, the software was specially designed for Windows Vista. It provides you a hassle-free process of finding the combination of codecs and filters. Those combinations are really important to open your media files. Vista Codec Package is a non-intrusive program that does not mess with your system. It makes sure to restrict additional media players on your PC.

What’s new in the Vista Codec Package

As mentioned above, the new update has turned out to be an absolute success. The reason for that success was the changes that were made in the program to enhance its performance. Firstly, all the visible and problematic issues and bugs are eliminated. That improved the performance of the program to a noticeable level. Not only this, a few filter updates were made in Vista Codec Package as well. The mode important files like LAV filters 69.85 and Gabest filters became popular after the update. 

Furthermore, the update of the Icaros3.02B2 is also seen as a great success. One of the most visible issues in the software was the subtitle crash in the 64-bit player. That did make it hard for some users to keep up with the Vista Codec Package program. But now it is not a problem anymore as it is completely fixed now. 

Editor’s Review:

Vista Codec Package is known to be the first-ever Vista-tailored codec packs that were made. It is also one of the most successful ones. This free software makes it easy for the users as it is a package of codec combinations that you need to open any of your media files. And you can do so with your favorite media player. Not only this, this program works with most of the popular browsers. Vista Codec Package works on its default setting but the user can easily choose to change them according to their requirements. 

However, this application is not suitable for amateurs. Because the slightest change can cause deterioration of your PC’s multimedia reproduction capabilities. It also does not install any new media player on your computer. You need to install a media player for the playback. Otherwise, the Vista Codec Package is worth it. 

Features and Highlights

  • Advanced Interface: The interface of the program is smart and advanced. It is perfect for professionals.
  • Support various media formats: Formats like AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, etc. are highly compatible with the program. 
  • Effective Codec Combinations: The combinations of the codec are highly supportive to any multiplayer app that you have installed on your computer. 
  • Compatible with Browsers: The program is highly compatible with almost every browser that is available on the internet.
  • Automatic and advanced pack detection: Once you install the Vista Codec Package program, it will automatically detect the previously installed conflicting codec packs in your PC.

Pros of using Vista Codec Package

The perks of using the software are mentioned below:

  • Smart interface
  • Compatible
  • Automatic detection of previously installed codec packs
  • Effective default settings
  • Advanced tools

Cons of using Vista Codec Package 

The following are the disadvantages of this codec package program:

  • Only suitable for professionals
  • Complicated features

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, let's just say that the Vista Codec Package is an extremely useful program as it carries the best set of codec combinations. It is easy to deploy and the configuration does not take much of your time. As the settings are recommended to be left as it is, you can still choose to change them if you feel a need to. Not only this, all the popular media formats are supported by this software. 

Moreover, if something goes wrong with you tweaking the setting of the application, you can easily switch back to the default settings. The compatibility and support is something that makes it stand out from all the Vista-tailored codec packs. Hence, the review of Vista Codec Package says that you should definitely check this software oot. So without any further ado, just download the Vista Codec Package right away. 


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