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Latest Version
Vegas Movie Studio 17.0
Apr 27, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Description about Vegas Movie Studio

On Apr 27, 2020, the developers of Vegas Movie Studio released the updated version of the  Vegas Movie Studio free download 17.0 for Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 users. Creating and editing HD videos in high-definition effects was not so long ago, but it was one thing that was always thought of as a work possible with massive studios and whole groups of professionals that may successfully do the task. With Vegas Movie Studio download free now turn your personal PC can into an editing studio at home. 

With just a few bucks you get professional-looking and working software. Despite the fact that it's not meant for novices, it may be utilized by users with just a few or fewer experiences. The 30 days trial version will let you experience the exciting features pack and the smooth process capabilities by spending a while and browsing the well-organized documentation. Just like the majority would expect, the software supports a powerful variety of media formats for video, audio, and image. Along with that it also provides basic functions like splitting and joining files, the software comes with a variety of video effects, modifications, and even media generators for the last screen-like credits.

What is new in this updated version of Vegas Movie Studio:

Vegas Movie Studio free and its other paid versions like Vegas Movie Studio Platinum and Vegas Movie Studio Suite provides many enhanced and excellent tools for creating and uploading the best quality videos. There are many features added to this version, but it might differ in paid versions as it has more tools. Like one-touch video stabilization, 3D gunfire, VFX, and colors. It also now has fast rendering, powerful transitions, lens corrections, camera angle settings, and also direct upload to social media. A library of features, any professional can ask for, makes this software amazing to create. 

Editors Review:

Vegas Movie Studio adds even a lot of exciting tools to the sturdy feature set with the best video stabilization, like a whole 360° editing workflow, motion tracking, and many more. Discover the innovations and edit like some sort of a professional with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum and Suite versions. Complete your clips editing kit with them. Create stunning videos with text tools, transitions, and heaps of effects enhancing your creativity with the total feature set of paid platinum and suite. Get the foremost complete innovative and feature-packed software. 

Features and Highlights of Vegas Movie Studio Review:

With outstanding quality and support, let’s learn about its features

  • Interactive storyboard editing- Cut, lay, trim, and rearrange your video. It can then be updated and directly added to the main timeline. 
  • Color match - Color match plug-in can be used to instantly match colors in 2 videos at once at no more worry about off-color video.  
  • Restore Audio- High Fidelity soundtrack is ensured with audio restoration plug-ins and makes good quality audio by removing unwanted music from your audio files. 
  • Stabilize Shaky video - Video stabilization is provided to eliminate shakiness and blurriness for the ultimate quality of the video as a result. 
  • Multicam Production- Any angle can be changed in real-time to preview, just switch between four types of camera angles with your mouse click. 
  • Guided Video Creator- Take full control of your timeline with a complete guided workflow of arranging clips, adding music, finishing, and distributing. 
  • Motion Tracking- Keyframes can be generated in seconds on any frame and apply video effects via motion tracking.  

Pros of Vegas Movie Studio:

  • DVD Preview
  • Direct upload
  • Visually sync your soundtrack to your movie
  • Enhance images and add special effects
  • Create your own original soundtrack
  • Loads of effects and transitions 
  • Open FX compatibility 
  • Drag and drop tool

Cons of Vegas Movie Studio:

  • Only 30 day trial period 
  • Music maker and soundtracks are labor sensitive 
  • Not so easy to use for amateurs 
  • Works on Windows only 
  • Complex tool for novices 

Comparison Between Free and Paid Version

The following are the main points of difference between the free and paid version of the Vegas Movie Studio free download: 

Free VersionPaid Version
Not so precise motion tracking Precise motion tracking 
Missing Lens correction plug-in Lens correction plug-in
No slow-motion plug-in FX plug-in for slow-motion plug-in 
No 3D gunfire packs provided Has 3D gunfire packs 

Bottom Line:

Vegas Movie Studio software brings professional-level movie editing to the users and editors. Thi software is designed with an easy interface for users and amateurs to understand and use regardless of their knowledge. While editing also the clips and files stay in 4k high definition quality. Frame by frame edits and work can be done as if it's an image. An interactive how-to-use section is also provided to learn and understand tools. The proper real-time timeline is provided to edit, stitch, crop, filter, final, and distribute the creation. Not just videos but also provides tools for soundtracks and elimination of unwanted noise from the clips. 


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