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Unlocator VPN
Mar 30, 2020
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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download Unlocator VPN to Access the Internet Freely and Securely

Unlocator provides its users with a solid VPN service that is a concoction of all the smart DNS capabilities. This comprehensive platform allows you to unblock any website or application that is geo-restricted. If you are looking for such VPN software, download the latest version of Unlocator VPN on your Windows 10 PC. read-only this review to know why this one should be on your priority list. 

What’s new?

The latest version of Unlocator VPN has some new bug fixes and unidentified enhancements and additions. 

Editor’s review

Due to its smart DNS-VPN hybrid platform, Unlocator has been proven to be a comprehensive application. On one side, it offers users privacy portions strictly complemented with a kill switch and remarkable speed. On the other hand, the DNS service unravels the regionally restricted websites. 

That being said, its server network is a little limited. There are not as many additional options as you anticipated. However, it solves the most significant problem for you. It lets you stream Netflix. HBO Max, Prime Video unrestricted. 

As far as the network speed is concerned, it is slower than most similar applications. After a detailed analysis, it is noted that Unlocator’s network speed differs from location to location. But still, it happens to be not as speedy as it should be. 

Moreover, they have a wide server network. Plus it offers unlimited bandwidth and allows you to switch between servers at any point of time or action. Not only this but the developers of this application keep on adding new servers with its expanding network. 

All in all, the security rules all. Unlocator VPN has top-tier encryption. Plus the protocols are varied. You should consider giving this VPN service a shot and see how it works for you. 

Features and Highlights

These are the features and benefits offered by Unlocator VPN:

No tracking

Unlocator hides your IP address in order to restrict the tracking of your online activities. Once you choose to connect to this VPN service, your IP address will strictly be hidden from even your internet provider or any websites you happen to visit. 

Unlocks Websites

Some websites are geo-restricted, meaning they are only available in certain regions. The VPN allows you to access any geographical-restricted website or application by hiding your real location. 

Secures Internet

When you choose to connect to a VPN service, your internet connection happens to be encrypted as well. This means none of the hackers and trackers can access or incept your data in any possible way. 

Anonymous Browsing

Just turning on the incognito mode does not hide your traces from the internet. You need to have a reliable and safe VPN connection to hide your primary IP address from the internet. Unlocator VPN hides your real IP to allow you to browse anonymously. 

Pros of using Unlocator VPN

The following are the perks of using this brilliant VPN service:

  • One-click functionality
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • WiFi protection
  • Various protocols
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of using Unlocator VPN

These are the limitations of this VPN provider that you might find while using the application:

  • No live customer chat service
  • Limited features
  • Small server network 

Frequently Asked Questions

For further information or query, please refer to the segment below that has the commonly asked questions by the users. They are answered for your convenience: 

Q1. Is Unlocator VPN free?

If you want to get started with the Unlocator VPN all you have to do is sign up for the application and get a free trial version. Once the 7-day trial ends you can choose to subscribe to one of its plans to continue. 

Q2. Is Unlocator VPN safe?

Yes, the Unlocator VPN is absolutely safe to use and it does not leak any of your information according to its policy. After going through a lot of reviews, it is safe to say that the application is purely authentic. 

Q3. How much does Unlocator VPN cost?

The cost of Unlocator VPN is $4.96 per month. 

Q4. What are the top alternatives to Unlocator VPN?

The following are the best suitable alternatives to this VPN service:

Q5. How to install and download Unlocator VPN for Windows?

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the download button to start downloading the Unlocator installation file. 
  • Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it. 
  • Simply, follow the on-screen instructions to launch the application on your Windows PC. 

Thus, it is safe to say Unlocator VPN is a reliable platform. With enough features and functionality, it can allow you the best of your digital life with minimum effort. Download the latest version of Unlocator VPN on your Windows PC to see how it can work for you.


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