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Timer Resolution

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Timer Resolution 1.2
Jun 05, 2009
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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Free Download Timer Resolution (Latest 2021)

Timer Resolution is an interesting application that modifies the standard time for your Windows PC. You can choose to alter the timer resolution globally as the program runs. And once you close the application, it will go back to the preceding time. Due to this update, the reviews of this tool have improved exponentially. If you are looking for such a tool for your Windows PC then, you should download the Timer Resolution free application right now. 

Not only this but the timings will matter more when you are playing a game on your Windows PC. Especially in games like Fortnite, where every second matters.

What’s new in Latest version

Timer Resolution has changed greatly since the last update. Here are the changes that have been noticed so far:

  • Few minor bug fixes
  • Increased gaming performance

Editor’s reviews:

Timer Resolution is a compelling application for Windows that arranges the resolution of your PC to improve the user’s gaming experience. It is absolutely free to use and it provides the user with the most suitable resolution every time. As a gamer, you won’t be pissed about latency and the FPS drops.

Moreover, this program allows the user to change the resolution of the default Windows timer with ease. This ultimately leads to a better quality of the game you are playing on your Windows PC. 

This program is as easy as it sounds. However, you might need a little time getting used to this application and it will do wonders for your gaming experience. If you still have second thoughts about this application, you can choose to watch a tutorial online as well. 

Features and Highlights:

To know more about the benefits of Timer Resolution, check out the features in detail:

Easy Settings 

The timer resolution settings in the app are pretty easy to understand. If you are a novice user and don't know much about the application and its functionality, doest worry the program has got you. You can even choose to use the default settings for a start.


These intuitive hotkeys make the application more efficient for the users. You can easily set up the hotkeys to operate the application conveniently. You can also consider using these buttons to control the stopwatch. These hotkeys will save you tons of time and effort. Not only does it manage to tweak the timer setting but it also is an accurate stopwatch timer that is specially designed for Windows PC. it provides the user with accurate hotkeys that let them use the stopwatch whenever they want. 

Safe to use 

This lightweight program does not come with any crapware that can harm your device in any sort. Plus it ensures the use of the application ethically to avoid unwanted permanent windows issues. 

Enhanced gaming experience

It makes a huge deal of difference. The small details can provide you with the best gaming experience. After you successfully tweak the timer setting, you can easily experience better gaming performance especially in games like Fornite.


Timer Resolution is a portable program. It eliminates the installation complex procedure to help the user with the functionality in no time. You can simply choose to download the application and run it as it is.

Pros of using Time Resolution

The following are the perks that this application comes with:

  • Accurate
  • Compatible
  • Speedy
  • Hotkeys

Cons of using Timer Resolution

The disadvantages of using this program are mentioned below:

  • Complex interface

Frequently Asked Questions

For further reference, have a look at these commonly asked questions that are authentically answered for you:

Q1. What exactly does Timer Resolution do?

Time Resolution is a program that helps you to change the resolution of the default windows timer. As the standard timer on your Windows XP can vary between 10 and 25 milliseconds. So Timer Resolution will be globally adjusted while the program is running and will return to the former value when it is closed. 

Q2. Is Timer Resolution a virus?

After evaluating the application, it is concluded that Timer Resolution is free from all sorts of viruses.

Q3. Is Timer Resolution free?

Yes, the full and latest version of Timer Resolution is free to download and install. You can simply download the app from here.

Q4. Is Timer Resolution useful?

Timer resolution is quite useful for gamers who want to change the default timer’s resolution to gain a slight FPS advantage. It is also an accurate stopwatch timer for your Windows PC that can obtain 1ms timers. 

Q5. How can I download Timer Resolution for free?

To download the Timer Resolution application, follow these steps below:

  • Click on the download button mentioned above and download the installation file. 
  • Once the download is complete, double-click on the file.
  • Simply, launch the program on your PC. to get started, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Q6. Does Timer Resolution decrease input lag?

If you choose to set your timer resolution to max, you will easily be able to achieve the timer resolution values of 0.5 milliseconds. 

Q7. Can you get banned for Timer Resolution Fortnite?

No, Timer resolution is software related to HPET and one can not ban someone because of it.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Time Resolution can be a useful application for gamers. You will be provided with a small FPS advantage if you choose to use this application. You will be able to pause and even define the round time. Except for the fact that it has a complex interface, you won’t have a hard time using the features of the application. Plus, you will need a little time to get along with the application’s interface otherwise you are good to go.

Furthermore, it carries an accurate stopwatch for Windows users that can achieve 1ms timers. Hence, if you wish to revolutionize your gaming experience, you must install Timer Resolution. The review of this tool is impressive enough to at least check this application out. Download Timer Resolution and enhance your gaming experience.


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