SoftPerfect RAM Disk

SoftPerfect RAM Disk

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Latest Version
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.2
Jul 20, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about SoftPerfect RAM Disk

SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a RAM disk tool that lets the user have a separate disk on their computer that is entirely stored in its device’s memory. This happens because the memory of RAM is faster than the hard disk. So if you choose to store the summary data on a brisk internal memory, then it might provide you with higher performance. Recently, the last update in SoftPerfect RAM Disk was [version] on [date] for the users of Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10. Due to this, the review of this RAM disk enhancer has improved and you should download it to take advantage of its advanced features. 

It makes an implicit disk dwelling in your computer’s RAM that is easily obtainable in Windows Explorer and other applications also. Ultimately, allowing the user to store perishable files on this disk. Sometimes, Windows and separate third-party programs might create an immense number of temp files. That said, you should consider using your RAM disk will increase your hard disk’s life. 

What’s new in SoftPerfect RAM Disk

After the last update in SoftPerfect RAM Disk, most of the bugs and issues are resolved that hindered the performance of this software in the previous versions. Some much-needed features are made in old features as well as some new ones are added too. Now the disk space is gauged in the main view. Not only this but custom cluster size support is added as well.

The user no longer has to worry about exFAT formatting for large disks with small clusters. With the straightforward interface, the user does not find themselves in complex processes. The functioning of this software does not use third-party support and hinders the performance of your system. 

Editor’s review: 

SoftPerfect RAM Disk forms a virtual disk that manages to reside in your PC’s RAM. Ultimately allowing you to store temporary files on the memory disk. By doing so, the life of your hard drive will extend as it’ll be spared from unnecessary reading and writing. This is most valued for Solid-State Drives (SSD). Moreover, this application is most suitable for IT professionals as the interface is a little tricky for the ones who are not techno-friendly. 

It surely helps to increase the performance of your computer and the lifespan of SSD. However, you might find yourself struggling to get along with the app as the interface is a little complicated. Otherwise, once you get your hands on this program, it will go wonders to your computer. 

Features and Highlights:

  • High computer performance: SoftPerfect RAM Disk increases the overall performance of your system due to using a quick internal disk for temp files.
  • Trial period: The user gets a 30-day trial period to check out the application and then make a decision to buy a subscription. 
  • Advanced interface: It has an advanced interface design that has detailed feature processing to get its job done in the best way. 
  • Lesser noise from SSD: As the system uses less of the SSD and more of the memory. 
  • Supports large RAM disk: The application is capable of supporting up to 26 RAM disks.
  • Compatible: The program is highly compatible with various versions of Windows.
  • Multilingual: More than 10 popular languages are supported to make it more convenient for users across the world. 

Pros of using SoftPerfect RAM Disk:

The main perks of SoftPerfect RAM Disk are as follows:

  • Persistent RAM disk. 
  • In-built disk image manipulation features
  • File system fragmentation is decreased.
  • Supports more than 26 RAM disks
  • Boosts PC performance
  • Lesser static and heat from SSD or hard disk

Cons of using SoftPerfect RAM disk:

The disadvantages of using SoftPerfect RAM Disk:

  • Complicated interface

Bottom Line:

SoftPerfect RAM Disk allows the user to store temporary information and files on the RAM disk instead. Windows can easily be configured to use the RAM disk to store temp files to avoid hogging the hard disk or SSD of your computer. Ultimately leading to better performance of your device. This is mainly beneficial as Windows and other third-party applications create temp files easily over time and end up slowing down your computer. As it is a paid application, you need to pay for its subscription to get its benefits. Although it has a 30-day trial version as well.

However, the interface can be a little complicated for users who are not tech-friendly. So, this application works better for IT professionals. Hence, the review of SoftPerfect RAM Disk is moderate and you should download the trial version to redeem its benefits.


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