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Latest Version
PhotoScape X 4.0.2
Dec 31, 2019
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System Requirements
Windows 10 (64-bit)

Description about PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is a software developed by MOOII Tech to edit, organize, and elevate the quality of your pictures. It boasts both free and paid versions. And its latest version, i.e., 4.0.2, was released by developers on Dec 31, 2019. Moreover, almost everyone can use it comfortably as it does not have any tough to comply system requirements.

You can use PhotoScape X if you have Windows 10 (64-bit). Apart from this, you do not need to meet any additional conditions for downloading and using this software.

What’s new in this version

Long shadows, overlays & masks, backgrounds for both text and objects, new filters like Gradient Opacity, Radial Speed Lines, Lines, Concentric, Geometric Collage, the addition of filter objects, such as Mosaic #2, #3, #4, Frosted Glass, new text wraps, namely Gradient Upper, Gradient Upper 2, Gradient Lower, Gradient Lower 2. Apart from this, new features, such as Copy and Paste multiple objects, Add Empty Cell (Print tab), Flip Horizontal/Vertical (Text object) were also added.

Developers have also improved the Enhance Document, Object Transform,  Spot Healing Brushes, Gradient options, and  Raw Engine.

Editor’s Review

PhotoScape X is an all-in-one image editing solution for both amateur and professional users. With this software, you can convert static pictures to GIFs, create panorama photos, combine the pictures to form beautiful collages, edit RAW images, apply filters and effects. Moreover, it supports a massive range of picture formats ranging from JPEG, GIFs, JPG, to RAW images. And it encompasses quite a lot of tools to edit, optimize, and improve the image quality.

Features and Highlights

  • Viewer: There is a tool to view images either individually or as a slideshow.
  • Sharing: You can share your pictures through Email, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Editor: You can download the free version of PhotoScape X for Windows 10 PC to get editing tools for flipping, resizing, rotating images, and adding various filters and effects.
  • Cut Out: With the Cut Out option, you can remove the background from an image if it seems unpleasing.
  • Batch editing: It allows you to edit multiple pictures at once as it supports batch photo editing.
  • Collage making: It boasts an option to group the photos in the form of attractive collages.
  • GIF creation: Animated pictures always seem more attractive than static images. Hence, with this software, you can convert the photos to GIFs.
  • Combine photos: It lets you join the photos either vertically or horizontally to create panorama pictures.
  • Print: With the print tool, you can print your pictures in portrait, passport, or carte de visites(CDV) forms.
  • Screen capture: You can download PhotoScape X online for free on your Windows 10 computer to capture and save a picture of your computer’s screen.
  • Color picker: The color picking tool of PhotoScape X for Windows 10 allows you to zoom in on images and choose a color.
  • Split: With the split option, you can slice an image into many pieces.
  • Format converter: If you want to convert images from one format to another, then you can download PhotoScape X for free on your Windows computer.
  • Batch resize and rename: It lets you change the size and name of photos in bulk.
  • Filters & effects: There are quite a plethora of filters and effects like Magic Color, Bandicoot, and more to make your pictures even better.
  • Frames: With PhotoScape X for Windows 10, you can decorate your photos with over 290+ frames, 240+ shapes, and borders.
  • Brushes & tools: It offers multiple brushes and tools to draw, scatter, paint, create a mosaic effect, eliminate red-eye, and perform other image editing tasks.
  • Macro: PhotoScape X is downloadable on a Windows 10 PC to capture and play multiple actions at once.

Pros of PhotoScape X

  • Feature-packed software.
  • Friendly interface.
  • It supports bulk image editing.
  • Support for a plethora of image formats.
  • Boasts an option to capture and save screenshots.

Cons of PhotoScape X

  • Uninteresting and outdated UI.
  • Tedious download process.
  • It lags a little.
  • Slight quality loss after editing photos.

Comparison of free and paid versions

Free Version Paid Version
Allows you to create a collage with only 10 images.It lets you create a collage with 20 photos.
You get 20 image adjustment tools.There are 34 tools to adjust the image.
Limited availability of stickers.Boasts a plethora of stickers.
Clone Stamp is not available in the free PhotoScape X.PhotoScape X Pro offers the option to clone stamp.

 Bottom Line

PhotoScape X is a great photo editing tool for novice users and experts alike. However, if you want to unlock more features and tools to beautify your pictures, then you can go for the paid version of this software. And if you want to use it as portable software, then also it won’t disappoint you. However, you cannot download PhotoScape X for Windows 7 and 8. You need to get another version of this software for editing pictures on these operating systems.


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