NIUBI Partition Editor

NIUBI Partition Editor

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Latest Version
NIUBI Partition Editor 7.3.6
Aug 14, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about NIUBI Partition Editor

The geniuses at NIUBI Technology Co. Ltd. launched the updated version of NIUBI Partition Editor 7.3.6 for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 users on Aug 14, 2020. NIUBI Partition Editor is one of the best partition managers based on the latest and most trusted 1-second rollback technology, under which the system restores the older properties and features of the disk if any problem is faced by the user while working with the partition. The software can help in performing different tasks related to disk partition like create, shrink, divide, merge, delete, edit, hide, defrag, wipe, and many many more that also without rooting. As compared to any other partition tool, utility, or software, NIUBI is over 30% faster. This speed may sometimes go up to 300%, depending upon the complexity of the task. The review of NIUBI Partition Editor has been a hit. Download NIUBI Partition Editor free version and pally with your disk partitions.

What’s New in this Version of NIUBI Partition Editor

The latest version of NIUBI Partition Editor is quite better than the older ones. A lot of flaws and bugs have been addressed and fixed by the team of developers at NIUBI Technology Co. Ltd. A bug has been fixed that was creating lagging and crashing problems while listing the properties of any partition. The users of the software can now enjoy the benefits of the increased speed of creating and editing any partition. The developers have improved the state of 1-second rollback technology, to improve the overall performance of the software. Other minor bugs have also been fixed.

Editor’s Review:

A lot of users like to edit or create disk partitions from time to time to improve the performance of the computer or to maintain its efficiency according to different tasks. NIUBI Partition Editor can be a great way to do so. What makes the software safe to use is that it not only helps in managing partition disks, but it also helps in protecting user’s data by setting the partition back to the older version, if an issue is faced while working with any partition. The software has been proven to be a lot faster than any other partition management tool of a similar kind. The software can work for both computers as well as servers. The software is best to be used in a virtual mode so that no problems are faced while working. The disk management tool fulfills all your partition-related requirements easily.

Features and Highlights:

The main attractions of the software that make it stand out from the league are:

  • Management of Partitions- The NIUBI Partition Editor is a one-stop solution for all the partition management tasks including create, delete, edit, merge, format, explore, change format, and many more.
  • Secure Data- The software helps in securing data by providing an option to hide any partition according to the needs of the user. It can also help in setting a read-only attribute to any partition to make it uneditable.
  • Optimizing System- The software helps in improving the state of the system by providing optimizing services like defragmentation, fixing system errors, initializing disks, scanning for bad sectors, viewing partition properties, amongst others.
  • Cloning and/or Migration of Disk- The disk management software helps the user to clone any particular partition from the disk or the complete disk as a whole and migrate it to any other system.
  • 1-Second Rollback- The software has a feature named 1-second rollback that helps in reverting the contents of any partition to its original state with a second if any software or hardware-related issue is faced while performing any task.
  • Virtual Mode- The software works on a virtual mode that allows the user to preview the actions of any task before applying it permanently so that modifications can be made accordingly.
  • Cancel On-Going Operation- The software enables the user to halt or cancel any operation in between without damaging or altering the properties or constituents of the partition.
  • Hot-Resizing- The software works on a hot-resizing platform that allows the user to make changes to an existing partition or create a new one without having to reboot the system.

Pros of NIUBI Partition Editor

The following advantages of the partition management software make it better than any other similar software-

  • Quick resizing of partitions
  • High reliability on results
  • Portable
  • Space can be analyzed precisely
  • Total security of data

Cons of NIUBI Partition Editor

The following disadvantages of the partition management software:

  • Absence of cross-platform
  • The free edition does not have all of the features
  • Adware is present

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The following are the points of difference between the free and paid version of the partition editing software:

Free Edition Premium Edition
The user can not use all the featuresThe user can use all the features
Can not be used commerciallyCan be used commercially
Bootable media builder is absentBootable media builder is present
1-Second Rollback Technology is not present1-Second Rollback Technology is present
Can not be used for serversCan be used for servers

Bottom Line

There are a lot of partition management software out there, what makes NIUBI Partition Editor competitive, if not better, than most of the other similar tools is that the software is fully secure to use. No user will ever face a loss of data due to any problem faced while creating, editing, modifying, or performing any other task on the software. The software works on a 1-second rollback feature as mentioned above that allows the user to reinstate the partition and secures it from any kind of data loss. The built-in virtual mode of the software also helps in previewing the changes made before applying them permanently so that they can be modified accordingly. Download NIUBI Partition Editor free version to get total control over disk partitions.


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