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MSN Messenger

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Latest Version
MSN Messenger 16.4.3528
Sep 03, 2009
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Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP64

Description about MSN Messenger

The developers at MSN Messenger released the updated version of MSN Messenger 16.4.3528 for Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP64 users on Sep 03, 2009. MSN messenger download was the best alternative to even skype and the biggest achievement in the world of IM Software. Instant sending and receiving messages through MSN networks is a different experience from texting. With every update, it adds more exciting features like emoticons, PC to PC calling, texting, multiplayer games, animations, songs, and more. MSN messenger free download is available and is also compatible with Windows versions. Exchanging instant messages also allows you to do voice and video chat too, letting you connect with many people at once. The best thing that Microsoft does is giving a part of their advertising revenue to effective organizations doing social cause, so anytime you are engaged with this application help is addressed. 

What’s new in the latest version of MSN Messenger?

Download MSN Messenger's latest version and avail its new interface to have a great messaging experience with now even file-sharing options. From media plug-ins, small changes to UI, contacts in groups, music captions, to offline messaging features, and improvements have been made. Its stylish and intelligent interface allows you to set colors to the text and its background. Bringing updates from people around like friends and family along with video and file sharing made this app gain popularity. Online communication, user-friendly, linkage to social networking sites is like the cherry on the top. PC to PC and PC to phone calls can be done but now you can even use this application on your android devices. 

Editors Review:

MSN Messenger is one of the most successful software with its growing features and more improvements in every version that comes out. You can chat online, offline with all the contacts on your list. MSN Messenger download 2020 will provide sound alerts for notifications of new messages, provides games for entertainment with your friends, provides winks and different emoticons to make your chat interesting, modifications of personal information like name, status, or picture. Shows status of your contacts if they are online, offline, away, or on the phone. With an improved version download MSN Messenger for PC. 

The MSN Messenger download free will help you grow more friends and connect with more people around, enjoy video conferencing, while you chat and also play games, be more productive and let your personality shine. 

Features and Highlights:

 Check out the updated version’s features and learn how to use them for a much better experience: 

  • Chance to set different status- When you are away from the application or not using its status can be set like away, Be right back, busy, In a call, Out for lunch, appear offline. People get an idea of how busy you are and reach you according to their status. People even do that to avoid people and some conversations. 
  • Emoji language- In the tech world emoji was one of the great accomplishments too, allowing you to show your emotions through that and not writing long messages or filling the screen with winks. 
  • Customization options- With features like customization you can apply changes in background colors, and appearance.
  • Video conferencing- Along with messaging you can also connect via video chat and talk to people in the group
  • Maintaining Communication- MSN  program with instant text and messages lets you stay connected with people and get updates. Maintaining communication is important in this growing world. 

Pros of MSN Messenger:

  • Easy to use
  • Many customizations options
  • Good video conferencing 
  • Easy to access
  • Allow sharing files, documents, other media
  • Connectivity with social media sites
  • Better interface

Cons of MSN Messenger:

  • Missing VoIP to mention
  • Many not so subtle plugs to MSN services
  • Not so frequent updates
  • Much better alternatives in the market

Bottom Line:

MSN messenger download windows XP is worth giving a shot with such amazing features and long-lasting communication with people from all over the world. When we are connected with people we are close with, it helps the bonds grow stronger, and also keeps family together virtually, through video chats too. Chatting along with playing games with friends is big-time entertainment and pass time. You can also text someone if they are offline, a message will be delivered as soon as they log in. After you install the program, keep updating it to the latest version to use all the features. The program won’t take more than 9Mb in your system. Though this app is a pioneer, Microsoft launched Skype with the same features but a better interface. 


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