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MiniTool Photo Recovery

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Latest Version
MiniTool Photo Recovery 3.0
Oct 10, 2017
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about MiniTool Photo Recovery

MiniTool Solution recently launched the latest version of MiniToll Photo Recovery 3.0 on Oct 10, 2017 for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 users. MiniTool Photo Recovery is an effective photo recovery software that helps you in recovering all the deleted or erased photos from hard disk, memory cards, flash drives and any other storage device. Whatever the reason may be for losing the photos, MiniTool Photo Recovery can help in regaining them. Not only that, but MiniTool can also help in recovering audio and video files.

What’s New in this Version of MiniTool Photo Recovery:

The developers of MiniTool Photo Recovery have done a good job in the software’s latest updates. The software is now faster than ever. The software’s interface has been updated to make it more reliable than ever. More extensions have been added for recovery. Now the user can also recover audio and video files from the same software. Other major bugs have been fixed.

Editor’s Review:

There are a lot of recovery software on the web. What makes MiniTool Photo Recovery different from others is that the user can recover the photos in a better quality as compared to that by other similar or data recovery software. The major reason behind its popularity and increasing recommendations is its speed and effectiveness. If you have lost the pictures, audio or video file from your storage device, the software can be of great help to you.

Features and Highlights:

The following features of MiniTool Photo Recovery makes it different from others:

  • Recovery of Deleted Photos- MiniTool Photo Recovery can recover all the files whether deleted by accident or due to any other reason. The user can navigate to the folder and recover the files.
  • Secure- MiniTool Photo Recovery is one of the safest and most reliable photo recovery software. The software can recover the files without harming the files or corrupting the storage.
  • Recovery from OS Crash- the user can even recover the photos with the help of MiniTool Photo Recovery if the files have been lost during reinstallation of windows or crashing of your OS.
  • Supports Different Kinds of Storage Devices- The software can recover the deleted files from all kinds of storage devices despite their nature. It can recover files from SSDs, HDDs, flash drives, memory cards, and any other storage device.
  • Recovers Multiple Extensions- The software can recover files of different extensions including GIFs, JPGs, PNGs, SR2, MRW and numerous others. Apart from these, the software also recovers audio and video files of formats MP4, MP3, 3GP, MP2 and all others.
  • Three-Step Process- The general recovery process of the software includes a mere three steps which are easy to follow. Using these steps, the user can recover any photo, audio or video files.

Pros of MiniTool Photo Recovery

The following advantages of the software will help you in making the decision:

  • Target scan the folder for specific extensions
  • Quick scans and much better results
  • Filter the folder by size or extension
  • The user can preview the file before recovering
  • Easy recovery of bigger files

Cons of MiniTool Photo Recovery

The following the only disadvantages of the software:

  • Can be time-consuming, depending upon the size and type of file
  • Absence of help link on the software
  • Recovered files are renamed making them hard to find.
  • Can be confusing for novice users

Comparison Between Free and Paid Versions:

The following points of differences will help in analysing the products:

Free Edition Pro/Ultimate Edition
User can only use some of the basic modes of recoveryAll modes of recovery can be used
The data recovery limit is up to 1 GBUnlimited data can be recovered
The User can not preview the file before recoveryThe user can preview the file before recovery
No option of recovery for OS crashCan recover files even if the OS had crashed
Can not be upgraded once downloadedCan be upgraded anytime for life

Bottom Line:

Although numerous photo recovery software are available, MiniTool Photo Recovery is one of the best and the most reliable photo recovery software available. The user-friendly interface of the software is quite easy to understand. The software can be used to recover files from any type of storage device whether it’s your hard disk or any other flash drive.


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