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Microsoft Edge

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Latest Version
Microsoft Edge 91.0.864.54
Jul 15, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Description about Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, which was previously known as Internet Explorer, is the best web browser. This browser is specially created for Windows 10. The impact of this new browser is greatly visible. Recently, the developers of Microsoft Edge have come with 91.0.864.54 on Jul 15, 2020 for the users of Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64. Due to the latest update, the reviews of this version have improved tremendously. You should download Microsoft Edge and see what the praise is all about. 

It comes with a design for the Web services and it had made sure to build it according to the Web standards. The user can choose to have public as well as private browsing with ease. Not only this but the intuitive interface makes the entire browsing experience quicker and easier.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge?

The latest update in Microsoft Edge has made a huge difference in the performance of the application. Firstly, social media integration has attracted people due to all the popular social sites this browser supports. Even the learning and reading tools are advanced enough t meet the user’s requirements.

Microsoft Edge has come with a personal virtual assistant (Cortana) that gets the takes done within a few seconds. Additionally, it also supports popular add-ons like Firefox and Chrome.

Editor’s review:

Microsoft Edge is an excellent web browser that renders speedy web services to its users. It allows the users to perform public and private browsing. The clean and straightforward interface gives out the best browsing experience. Not only it comes with the ability to write and draw on web pages but it carries support for add-ons like Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, the personal virtual assistant gets the work done with so much ease.

Furthermore, the unmatched cryptography and the Microsoft Passport are some of the most reliable features packed into this program. However, you might struggle with social media sites as that side of the application is still a work in progress.

Features and Highlights:

  • Easy-to-use Interface: The layout of Microsoft Edge is quite minimalistic and easy to get along with. 
  • Best security tools: The user does not need to worry about the malware entering their PC through the Microsoft Edge browser. It ensures to keep all sorts of viruses away from affecting your computer. 
  • Personal Virtual Assistant: Just like Google and other OS come with, Microsoft has come with its own virtual assistant named Cortana. It gets the work done in the easiest way.
  • Add-ons supports: This browser comes with support for add-ons like Firefox and Chrome.
  • Optimization: The optimization of the entire application is way better than all the other browsers that are available on the internet. 
  • Quick page rendering: The fast page loading does not keep the user waiting.

Pros of using Microsoft Edge

The advantages of using this software are mentioned below:

  • Optimization options
  • Virtual assistant
  • Supports Chrome and Firefox
  • Secured

Cons of using Microsoft Edge

The best browser also comes with a few drawbacks, the following are the disadvantages of using this browser:

  • Restrict some actions

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Microsoft edge has come with advanced tools to deliver better performance. It manages to provide easy access to every basic and advanced feature to help the user to have the best experience. It is fair to say that it is a big success. Moreover, it keeps the tabs, searches, and more completely organized. Allows you to quickly find, open tabs, and manage the tabs without leaving the page you are on. 

Overall, it is a great browser to use while you are surfing the internet. It does its job in the best way possible. Hence the reviews of this browser were convincing enough to give it a try. Without any further ado, download the Microsoft Edge and witness the best browsing experience.


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