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Oct 02, 2021
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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download MediaMonkey to Keep a Stable Track of your Media Files

MediaMonkey is a powerful media manager that is specially created for serious collectors. It keeps a track of your albums, burn, tags, and ensures to organize your music files. It uses tagging to catalog your music so that you can find your favorite song easily. You should free download MediaMonkey on your Windows PC on the basis of this review. 

What’s new?

The following is the changelog for the latest version of MediaMonkey:

  • No Path of Dead Link in the volume analyzed.
  • New artwork properties issues.
  • Unsaved lyrics can be saved just as unsaved artwork. 
  • Dialog menu opens on the wrong monitor. 
  • The F5 refresh button ignores contextual filters. 
  • Failed Long Paths in Auto-Organise Files. 

Editor’s Review

If you are one of those serious collectors and looking for a media manager, then have a look at what MediaMonkey has to offer. This software manages to catalog video and audio files no matter where they are originally located. It manages to divide them into various collections. 

MediaMonkey looks for Album Art and tags data through Freedb and the web. This includes an automatic renamer and another playlist manager to regulate your mixes. It has tons of tools to manage your media in the best way possible. 

Moreover, with the help of its conversion functionality, it allows the user to synchronize with almost every device including iPhone, Android, iPod, and more. Not only this but it has the ability to sync with televisions and DVD players as well. Let’s have a look at its functionality and usage in detail in the segment coming up next. 

Features And Highlights

The following are the features offered by MediaMonkey. Take a look at it in detail:


MediaMonkey allows you to manage all of the media without mere hassle and trouble. If you find your device and media place scattered and confusing. This software can help you give an edge over how you should organize thousands of your files with the best features and tools. 

Quality Hi-Fi

One of the best things about this software is its detailing. The users can choose to fine-tune audio using a 10-band equalizer, volume leveling, and DSP effect addons. Plus the use of WASAPI drivers to interface with the high-end digital audio equipment with ease. 

Auto Tag

This software is capable of identifying tracks and looking up missing metadata, lyrics, and artwork. Not only this but it also lets the user access the standard editor for fine-grain control. 

Record and Convert

Media Monkey allows you to record CDs in your library. Not only does it allow you to do that but it also lets you convert video/audio files while preserving all of the tag information that there is. 

Cloud Storage

Another notable thing about this media manager is that it has cloud storage. The user can choose to sync, backup, or store the user’s library to the cloud services which can easily be connected with MediaMonkey. Popular cloud storage platforms like DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are supported. 


MediaMonkey is a versatile application that serves you with the option to stream video and audio to Google Cast or DLNA devices. That being said, you don't have to use third-party software to stream media. The user can also choose to stream on Media Controller and Media Renderer functions. 

Resorts and Other Apps

This program lets you create statistics and other similar reports of your music collection. It happens to be a fun way to view your collection and differentiate between them easily. Moreover, you can easily save metadata using standardized tags that are readable by other programs. All you have to do is update your library so that you can make the changes happen by other applications to media folders. 

Pros of using MediaMonkey

These are the perks of using this media manager:

  • Easy to use
  • Customizable 
  • Highly-compatible
  • Burning options
  • Rename tool
  • Sharing available

Cons of using MediaMonkey

The following are the limitations of MediaMonkey that you should consider:

  • Various complications in the new version

Free vs Paid Version

The following is the distinction between the free and paid versions of MediaMonkey:

Free VersionPaid Version
No sleep timer.Sleep timer available. 
Limited streaming.Unlimited streaming. 
Basic CD recorderProfessional  CD recording. 
Manual tagging.Automatic tagging.

Frequently Asked Questions

For further knowledge, refer to the commonly asked question below:

Q1. Is MediaMonkey free?

Yes, MediaMonkey works on the freemium licensing model. This media manager has premium versions as well. 

Q2. Is MediaMonkey safe?

Yes, MediaMonkey is one of the most popular media managers in the market. This powerful free media player has tons of features that make it exclusive and exceptional. 

Q3. How do I download MediaMonkey on Windows PC?

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Download the installation file of MediaMonkey from the link mentioned above. 
  • Wait till the download is complete.
  • Double-click on the downloaded installation file. 
  • Simply follow the steps that appear on your screen and launch the program on your Windows PC. 

Q4. What are the top alternatives of MediaMonkey?

The following are the most suitable alternatives to this media manager:

  • Rhythmbox
  • Strawberry
  • AIMP

To sum it all up, MediaMonkey is a powerful media manager that is absolutely safe to use. This comprehensive audio management solution offers everything that you might need in an organizer. Apart from its playback and plenty of configuration options, this software has support for various plugins as well that come with a 4x DVD/CD burner and ripper. Download the latest version of MediaMonkey on your Windows PC for free and see how it works for you.


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