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Latest Version
Malwarebytes 4.3.0
Mar 17, 2021
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System Requirements
Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista

Download Malwarebytes to Keep you Safe from Online Threats

You can download the latest version 4.3.0, released on Mar 17, 2021, of Malwarebytes on your Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista PC. It is a free anti-malware software from Malwarebytes Inc. to keep your computer protected from viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojan, ransomware, and all other known and unknown malware types. 

What’s New in this Version of Malwarebytes

option to schedule reboot reminders, what’s new screen, new settings manage alerts option for teams, improved malware detection, and remediation, elevated performance.

The new version also fixed the bugs related to Local Area Networks, ARW Component Protection Event report, and user-interface. 

Editor’s Review

For us, the internet is a world of information and knowledge, but for hackers, it is a door to enter and infect our PC. With each passing day, our computer is exposed to numerous risks coming in the form of malicious websites, infected email attachments, scammy advertisements, and more. Hence, we need a tough to bypass mechanism that can shield our computer from such harm. There are many anti-malware programs available in the market to protect the PC from malware attacks. But, most of these software programs are not free to use. To keep the computer protected for free, you can download the basic version of Malwarebytes on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC. And if you feel the need for advanced security, then download or upgrade to its full version. 

Features and Highlights

Below are the core features you get after downloading Malwarebytes for your Windows 10 or older PC. 

  • Real-time protection from threats: One of the best features of Malwarebytes is that it protects the computer from all kinds of threats in real-time. With this software at your disposal, you need not worry about PC protection. It shields the device automatically using robust anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit systems, and the power of artificial intelligence. 
  • Security from ransomware: Downloading Malwarebytes gives protection to your files from ransomware attacks. In case you are uninitiated, ransomware is malware that hackers use to take control of your sensitive data and extort money in return for it. 
  • Scans new applications: A user may unknowingly download and install any infected applications on the computer. Therefore, it scans every new application you download on the PC for malware. If any suspicious app is detected, then it alerts you. 
  • Protection on the web: You may step on any unsafe website mistaking it to be legitimate. Therefore, it blocks suspicious, infected, and phishing websites. In addition to this, it also blocks malicious links for complete web protection. 
  • Multiple scan modes: After downloading Malwarebytes on your Windows PC, you get three scan options, namely hyper scan (to quickly scan memory and startup objects), custom scan (to customize the scan as per your requirements), and threat scan (to scan the whole computer deeply). 
  • PC cleaning: A highly-impressive additional feature available in Malwarebytes is that it helps you detect and remove PUAs, i.e., Potentially Unwanted Applications from your computer. Eliminating such programs not only protects the PC from malware but also improves its performance. 
  • Behavior monitoring: Some applications do not seem suspicious at the first instance, their behavior needs to be deeply monitored. Hence, Malwarebytes employs behavior monitoring to detect programs containing ransomware or other malware. 
  • Provides a VPN: With Malwarebytes, you also get a VPN or Virtual Private Network that connects you to the internet via an encrypted virtual tunnel. It makes your location invisible so that you can browse anonymously and safely. 
  • Play mode: There is a play mode that turns off the Malwarebytes notifications and updates when you play games or watch movies. 
  • Scan scheduler: It allows you to schedule the PC scan according to your convenience. 
  • Katana engine: Malwarebytes uses a powerful Katana engine to detect more threats in less time, without affecting the PC performance. Moreover, it also shows detailed information about the detected threat. 

Pros of Malwarebytes

Here is why you may like downloading on your Windows 10/8/7, 64 Bit/32Bit computer. 

  • It blocks and quarantines viruses.
  • Malwarebytes scans the PC automatically. 
  • It offers real-time protection against malware.
  • You get a VPN with unlimited data.
  • Beginner-friendly interface. 

Cons of Malwarebytes

Below is why you may dislike Malwarebytes after downloading it for your Windows PC. 

  • Many features are only available in the paid version.
  • Sometimes, it fails to auto-update. 
  • The phishing protection is not so strong. 
  • It does not have high and enough independent lab test scores. 

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

Now, let’s compare the latest free and paid/full version of Malwarebytes available for download in 2021. 

Free VersionPaid Version
No real-time protection from malware.Real-time protection is available.
It does not protect the files/documents from ransomware. It protects the files and documents from ransomware.
Protection from malicious websites is unavailable. The paid version keeps the PC safe from malicious websites. 
Play mode is not available. You get the play mode. 

Bottom line

It is the best decision to download Malwarebytes for Windows 10 or older PCs if you want complete real-time protection from malware. However, to get all its advantages, such as protection from malicious websites, play mode, security from ransomware, and more, you need to get the full version of this anti-malware. Before leaving, we suggest you never trust a website that provides you the full/premium version of Malwarebytes for free or at a lower price. Most of these websites providing a paid anti-malware for free or at a discounted price are unsafe.


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